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Pace of a few pages you KNOW these peopleReviewerThis book infects you and takes you on a precarious joy ride of building dread The plot is incredible and the characters are real The ending is perfect I loved this bookReviewer Gilchrist pulls together a cast of small town characters that are so real I caught myself feeling sympathetic for even the most heinous character There are no obvious infallible heroes in this story only flawed people who must rise to the occasion even if they have to claw their way there The story starts out feelinglike several stories told at once but the underlying dread within each weaves everything together into a perfect web by the end In a style reminiscent of some of the most popular horror writers Galacar very carefully combines the fears of real life.

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Gilchrist: A Novel

With the terrors of the supernatural The result is beautifully unsettling He pulls no punches when things get bad but you still cant look away The story is at times terrifying and at others comforting just like the intangible monsters in the town of Gilchrist Stefanie B Line Editor Red Adept EditingChristian Galacar grew up in Ipswich Massachusetts a small suburb north of Boston He attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a BBA degree in Finance Although interested in writing fiction from a young age it wasn t until that he decided to pursue it as a career He is always working on his next book To receive updates on future releases and other announcements subscribe by email here christiangalacar He promises not to fill your inbox with unnecessary newsletter.

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Gilchrist was a hell of a novel Galacars town of Gilchrist creeps me outthan Kings Derry ever did And that ending Perfect Sci Fi ScaryChristian Galacar wrote a story that reminded me of some of Stephen Kings earlier works such as It and Christineand not to mention The Stand MarkReviewerAn ancient darkness revels in its influence over a small town There is no waiting for the action to begin murder and mayhem are long term bedfellows of Gilchrist the Derry of Massachusetts Small town horror story fans this is your new gem LenaReviewerVery well written intelligent horror story The kind of horror that sneaks up slowly and ratchets up the apprehension bit by bit Reminiscent of Stephen King this author gives life to a variety of characters and draws their personalities with skill in the s.