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Which left the keys covered with blood Including profiles of Horowitz and Van Cliburn among others and chapters detailing the playing and careers of such modern pianists as de Larrocha Ashkenazy Gilels Gould Brendel Bolet Gutierrez and Watts The Great Pianists is a comprehensive and fascinating look at legendary performers past and prese.

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The Great Pianists: From Mozart to the Present

Zer Prizewinning critic and author Harold C Schonberg presents vivid accounts of the artists performances styles and even their personal lives and uirky characteristics such as Mozarts intense competition with Clementi Lizsts magnetic effect on women when he played ladies flung their jewels on stage and Gottschalks persistent nailbiting.

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From Mozartsfabulous legato that flowed like oil to Beethovens oceanlike surge from Clara Schumanns touch sharp as a pencil sketch to Rubinsteins volcanic and sensual playing The Great Pianists brings to life the brilliant stylish and sometimes eccentric personalities methods and technical peculiarities of historys greatest pianistsPulit.

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