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Nding of American individualism particularly as it relates to ueer identity racial euality and freedom of expression In bringing bad taste to the walls of galleries and museums he tugs at the curtain of exclusivity that can divide art from human experience Waters freely manipulates an image bank of less than sacred low brow referencesElizabeth Taylors hairstyles his own self portraits and pictures of individuals brought into the limelight through his films including his counterculture muse Divineto entice viewers to engage with his astute and provocative observations about society This richly illustrated b.

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 John Waters: Indecent Exposure

Ook explores themes including the artists childhood and identity; Pop culture and the movie business; Waterss satirical take on the contemporary art world; and the transgressive power of images The catalogue features essays by BMA Senior Curator of Contemporary Art Kristen Hileman; art historian and activist Jonathan David Katz; critic curator and artist Robert Storr; as well as an interview with Waters by photographer Wolfgang Tillmans Published in association with the Balti Museum of Art Exhibition dates The Balti Museum of Art October 7 2018January 6 2019 Wexner Center for the Arts February 2April 28 20.

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It has been than fifty years since John Waters filmed his first short on the roof of his parents Balti home Over the following decades Waters has developed a reputation as an uncompromising cultural force not only in cinema but also in visual art writing and performance This major retrospective examines the artists influential career through than 160 photographs sculptures soundworks and videos he has made since the early 1990s These works deploy Waterss renegade humor to reveal the ways that mass media and celebrity embody cultural attitudes moral codes and shared tragedy Waters has broadened our understa.

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