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Scared shepherds and six rowdy kids Ralph Imogene Leroy Claude Ollie and Gladys Herdman are an awful bunch They set fire to Fred Shoemakers toolshed blackmailed Wanda Pierce to get her charm bracelet and smacked Alice Wendelken across the head And thats just the start When the Herdmans show up at church for the free snacks and sudd

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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever CD

Enly take over the Christmas pageant the other kids are shocked Its obvious that theyre up to no good But Christmas magic is all around and the Herdmans who have never heard the Christmas story before start to reimagine it in their own way This years pageant is definitely like no other but maybe thats exactly what makes it so speci

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Laughs abound in this bestselling Christmas classic by Barbara Robinson The Best Christmas Pageant Ever follows the outrageous shenanigans of the Herdman siblings or the worst kids in the history of the world The siblings take over the annual Christmas pageant in a hilarious yet heartwarming tale involving the Three Wise Men a ham