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S listed Please double check. I enjoyed this book However it s of a autobiography about Jon Smith who has been in different industries and businesses Not all about being a football agent Good read though but not what I was expecting

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Deal By sableyes.co.uk

BRAND NEW Exactly same ISBN a. Having read an increasing number of footballing autobiographies from a variety of angles it was inevitable that I d be drawn in by The DealThe aspect of agents in football has always represented a curiosity for me what do they do and how do they manage to earn the money reported in the media This was fuelled further having read I Am Zlatan and having my eyes opened to the influence and agent Mino Raiola can have over a player s destiny both in a negative and yet profoundly positive way as many seem to offer players a career trajectory left to their own devices many probably wouldn t haveSo as soon as I found out the book existed I click buy Thanks to Prime it arrived the next daySo the first thing to understand about The Deal and perhaps Jon Smith is that it isn t completely about football Mostly but not completely This doesn t impact the book at all but serves to add in a bit of extra interest and context The book itself in my opinion rides a rollercoaster type uality level the whole way through good chapters and good paragraphs can be flanked immediately by poor His story of his first wife was an unexpected emotional hit and there are certainly chapters of the book that you feel you can t stop readingSo what stops me from providing five stars I ll uickly cover this in no particular orderFirst of all I expected a bit inside content It felt like maybe 10% or less was actually relevant to an insight to how football transfers work Some of that 10% came across like it wasn t from the voice of experience such was it devoid of detail This didn t ruin it for me but take it on board if it s your sole reason for buyingSecondly I feel like the book dealt with a bit of narcissism on Jon s behalf at times it felt like it lost touch with whether it was about being an agent or celebrating Jon Smith It certainly felt like than a few chapters steered right away from the subject matter in order to tell you just how important and brilliant he was which didn t feel like a necessary step It felt in than a few places like he or the ghost writer was blowing the Jon Smith trumpet very loudly at which point I wondered whether it may have been adept to have been named A Great Guy by Jon Smith These forays are easily forgiven but it really ruined the tone of the book which was surprising as Harry Redknapp s book handled such a trait in a beneficial wayPerhaps this stems from the last point but the rhetoric in the book was at times very unnecessary I felt like he was using words in order to come across as intelligent although it felt like it acheived the complete opposite I always believe that the hallmark of a skilled storyteller is one that can capture the imagination without the use of uncommon or perceivably unnecessarily elaborate words This is after all a football book should it not appeal to a broad range or readersLastly the book didn t feel like it was carefully planned in its content I found in a few chapters that for example he would start referring to Phil out of nowhere and I d skip back and speed read the chapter I was in only to find that the character literally appeared without content Then later in a chapter it would introduce him as his brother there were a few first name occurances of this confusing phenomenon I also found that references or stories would repeat themselves and you think I m sure I ve already read about thatOverall a very interesting read that is well worth a go Whilst not the best footballing book I have read nor the most modest Jon is certainly a very interesting character that comes across as a gifted businessman who has excelled despite many personal tragedies around him

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ISBN carefully before orderin. It was OK but not brilliant Seemed to veer from preaching at me to trying to justify the role of the agent Not as good as I was hoping for

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    Having read an increasing number of footballing autobiographies from a variety of angles, it was inevitable that I'd be drawn in by The Deal.

    The aspect of 'agents' in football has always represented a curiosity for

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    It's a good read, but it feels like an autobiography than a book on being an agent. There are some interesting facts and chapters in the book, but 40% of it had absolutely no added value whatsoever.

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    Was too slow for me, hoped for an insight into transfer deals but by chapter three I'd given up, left it in a Spanish hotel for someone to enjoy.

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    I enjoyed this book. However, it’s of a autobiography about Jon Smith who has been in different industries and business

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    if your looking for stories about transfer dealings and people in the game then this is not the book for you. it informs abo

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    Excellent and very well written book. A fascinating insight into the football world.

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    It was OK but not brilliant. Seemed to veer from preaching at me to trying to justify the role of the agent. Not as good as I was hoping for.

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    Full of surprises, well worth the read

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    An extremely intriguing look into the 'behind the scenes' world of football and the inner workings of the industry. Jon Smith tells some fantastic stories and fascinating anecdotes. A great read for all.

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    Great book for fans who enjoy reading about the other side of the game.