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Niue comic reporting of South Africa’s jaunty man about town are still unmatched The running order here follows the dates of first publication so that readers may relish Bosman’s themes and ideas as he allowed them to unfold Each piece is edited anew from an original source and complete With a new introduction and notes on the tex Sottomissione new introduction and Dragon Age: Hard in Hightown notes on the tex

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The Cask of Jerepigo

Ook was described as beautiful and delicious So it has proved through numerous reprintings since then The enduringly funny A Cask of Jerepigo has become a South African favourite with pieces like A Visit to Shanty Town Johannesburg Riots Street Processions and Jam Session freuently reprinted and performed The satirical sharpness and u

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This revised edition of Bosman’s classic sketches and essays retains the core of the original 1957 collection augmented with several items freshly come to light Bosman was then billed as a laughter raiser of a thoroughly individual cast who would not be shamed by comparison with the finest humorists in the English language and the b

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    with her shoes off

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    More of HCB's fabulous witty short stories Why did none of these ever make it onto Tales Of The Unexpected

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