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Sugar and Other Stories

Mpels us to inhabit other lives and returns us to our own with new knowledge compassion and a sense of wonder Read the first two stories then gave up Very wordy wasn t in the mood

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AS Byatt's short fictions collected in paperback for the first time explore the fragile ties between generati It is always a little sad to reach the point where there is no fiction to read by a favourite writer let s hope she still has to come This was Byatt s first

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Ons the dizzying abyss of loss and the elaborate memories we construct against it resulting in a book that co This collection of short stories contains the underlying themes of fear futility and the uncertainty of life As always Byatt s prose is beautiful to read but t

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Margaret Drabble over the alleged appropriation of a family tea set in one of her novels The pair seldom see each other and each does not read the books of the otherMarried1st 1959 Ian Charles Rayner Byatt Sir I C R Byatt marriage dissolved 1969; one daughter one son deceased2nd 1969 Peter John Duffy; two daughtersEducationSheffield High School; The Mount School York; Newnham College Cambridge BA Hons; Hon Fellow 1999; Bryn Mawr College Philadelphia USA; Somerville College OxfordAcademic HonoursHon Fellow London Inst 2000; Fellow UCL 2004Hon DLitt Bradford 1987; DUniv York 1991; Durham 1991; Nottingham 1992; Liverpool 1993; Portsmouth 1994; London 1995; Sheffield 2000; Kent 2004; Hon LittD Cambridge 1999PrizesThe PENMacmillan Silver Pen Of Fiction prize 1986 for STILL LIFEThe Booker Prize 1990 for POSSESSIONIrish TimesAer Lingus International Fiction Prize 1990 for POSSESSIONThe Eurasian section of Best Book in Commonwealth Prize 1991 for POSSESSIONPremio Malaparte Capri 1995;Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature California 1998 for THE DJINN IN THE NIGHTINGALE''S EYEShakespeare Prize Toepfer Foundation Hamburg 2002;PublicationsThe Shadow of the Sun 1964;Degrees of Freedom 1965 reprinted as Degrees of Freedom the early novels of Iris Murdoch 1994;The Game 1967;Wordsworth and Coleridge in their Time 1970 reprinted as Unruly Times Wordsworth and Coleridge in their Time 1989;Iris Murdoch 1976The Virgin in the Garden 1978;GEORGE ELIOT Selected Essays Poems and Other Writings 1979 editor;Still Life 1985Sugar and Other Stories 1987;George Eliot selected essays 1989 editorPossession a romance 1990Robert Browning''s Dramatic Monologues 1990 editor;Passions of the Mind essays 1991;Angels and Insects novellae1992The Matisse Stories short stories1993;The Djinn in the Nightingale''s Eye five fairy stories 1994Imagining Characters 1995 joint editor;New Writing 4 1995 joint editor;Babel Tower 1996;New Writing 6 1997 joint editor;The Oxford Book of English Short Stories 1998 editor;Elementals Stories of fire and ice short stories 1998;The Biographer''s Tale 2000;On Histories and Stories essays 2000;Portraits in Fiction 2001;The Bird Hand Book 2001 Photographs by Victor Schrager Text By AS Byatt;A Whistling Woman 2002Little

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    It is always a little sad to reach the point where there is no fiction to read by a favourite writer let's hope

  2. says:

    I felt very conflicted about this book The majority of stories in it were extremely unpleasant and several The D

  3. says:

    I must admit to being completely in awe of AS Byatt I am always struck by her ualities of great luminous intelligence her keen eye her amazing sense for detail especially emotional detail I wonder what it's like to be her and just be seeing so much and understanding so much I get the sense of this incredibly rich inner life so complex and layered and full of possibility Reading her makes the world seem bigger

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    Racine and the Tablecloth This is such a deeply felt story that it’s hard to avoid wondering if the central conflict between Emily an awkward unpopular bookish girl who writes brilliantly and the headmistress of her school who patronizingly distrusts Emily’s narrow focus on writing to the exclusion of traditional feminine virtues is drawn at least in part from Byatt’s own childhood Be that as it may it’s a sto

  5. says:

    This collection of short stories contains the underlying themes of fear futility and the uncertainty of life As a

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    Complex and beautifully worded this was a very uneven read for me I enjoyed the first Racine and the Tablecloth and last Sugar most with On the Day that EM Forster Died coming in third I loathed The Dried Witch I

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    Read the first two stories then gave up Very wordy wasn't in the mood

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    This is one of those books that makes me wish it were possible to use half stars in rating it It's a very uneven collection certainly not a four star book but the best stories in it are good enough that three stars seems a bit paltry Byatt's command of language is as always excellent and I can only admire the way she seems to ignore all rules about story making and to write only to please herself and work out her own

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    Every time I read Byatt I find myself choosing my words carefully for the hour or two after I put the book down Her word choice is always so precise and her tone so controlled yet revealing I especially loved the title story and the line None

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    My favorite story in this collection is The July Ghost a poignant ghost story It's not a genre that one associates with AS Byatt but she's superb at rendering atmosphere so it should really come as no surprise that she succeeds so well Someone I forget who once said that all ghost stories are about loss Case in point

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