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Experienced the terror and exhilaration of life on the frontline for himself while witnessing the courage and leadership of today's servicemen first hand Kemp tells the breathtaking stories of commandos medics submariners fighter pilots infantrymen bomber crewmen sailors and engineers in daring raids stirring last stands and acts of extreme valor far beyond the reach of ordinary m.

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Warriors British Fighting Heroes is Ross Kemp's personal homage to some of the most remarkable men and women to have served in the British Armed Forces during the two World Wars Many of them unsung or forgotten each of the lives profiled is an extraordinary tale of courage adventure and patriotic sacrifice From Sgt Major Stan Hollis D Day's only VC winner to Mary Seacole a Jamaican.

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Born nurse who set up her own field station to treat wounded soldiers during the Crimean War Vivid descriptions of their lion hearted actions are woven into the wider story of their lives providing a fascinating insight into a variety of military units operations and theaters of war Embedded with British forces in Afghanistan for his award winning television documentaries Kemp has.

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    Awe InspiringThe examples selected by Kemp show men whose courage and achievements are difficult to comprehend in this day and age There are probably many examples that could fill further volumes but until they are written sir back a

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    Good toilet reading