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Silver John so named for the lithe and powerful strings of his ever present guitar is back In this fifth and most exciting novel in the series Manly Wade Wellman's popular hero is called by the voice of Cry Mountain into a confrontation with his most threatening adversaryThere are a wealth of cryptic stories about Cry Mountai.

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The Voice of the Mountain Doubleday Science Fiction

N and as John listens to the tales of eerie hostile animals of brave daredevils who fared up the slopes never to return and hears the enigmatic unnatural keening voice emanating from the mountain his adventuresome spirit is aroused Too curious and intrigued some might say foolhardy to be dissuaded John begins his long perilou.

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S trek up the steep mountainside There he finds mystery and danger enough for any man and eventually meets the courtly assured Ruel Harpe descendant of the infamous Micajah Harpe John soon discovers the darker side of Ruel Harpe's hospitality and finds honesty and courage the only weapons against powerful sorcery and temptati.

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    The last of Manly Wade Wellman's Silver John novels makes a strong conclusion to the series John rambles in search of Cry Mountain known for the plaintive voice that seems to issue from it He finds the source of the cry but he also discovers that warlock Ruel Harpe who is armed with considerable occult knowledge and a powerful amulet and is also accompanied by three witchy female companions has transformed the mountain

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    I've heard others say this is the best of the Silver John novels and I can now agree What a pure and simple story that depicts such fantastic and mysterious things I recommend all these novels especially to thos

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    I'd read hardly anything by Wellman up to now but I was re reading a book of short stories and ran across one of his Silver John tales Thankfullythe library had a couple volumes featuring the character and off I