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Ng and aggressive defenseOCothat was ahead of its timeaEvery chapter tells a surprising story the Chinese Playground the only public outdoor space in Chinatown; the Hong Wah Kues a professional barnstorming menOCOs basketball team; the Mei Wahs a championship womenOCOs amateur team; Woo Wong the first Chinese athlete to play in Madison Suare Garden; and the extraordinarily tal.

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Outside the Paint

This fascinating book reveals that Chinese Americans began OC shooting hoopsOCO nearly a century before Chinese superstar Yao Ming turned pro Drawing on interviews with players and coaches Outside the Paint takes readers back to San Francisco in the 1930s and 1940s when young Chinese American men and women developed a new approach to the gameOCowith fast breaks intricate passi.

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Ented Helen Wong whom Kathleen Yep compares to Babe DidriksonaOutside the Paint chronicles the efforts of these highly accomplished athletes who developed a uniue playing style that capitalized on their physical attributes challenged the prevailing racial hierarchy and enabled them for a time to leave the confines of their segregated world They learned to dribble shoot and ste.