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REVIEW A Candle for the Devil Mills Boon Romance

Everyone has something to hide'You think I'd allow you to make love to me' She demanded hoarsely 'Oh I wasn't thinking of asking permission' he murmured 'Not that you'd refuse' Adam Taylor's time in prison hadn't dulled his


A Candle for the Devil Mills Boon Romance

Arrogance Who else could reappear after six years and lay claim to everything he'd left behind including Olivia Well she was promised to someone else now and she'd put Adam's betrayal behind her hadn't sheSome family scandal

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S were best left buried But Adam seemed determined to rake over the old wounds and even older attractions Olivia's mind was suddenly filled with doubts that maybe Adam wasn't guilty and that her love for him was just the sam

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    Re A Candle for the Devil Susanne McCarthy brings us the final entry in the Secrets series with this story of a falsely imprisoned H and the girl he left behind She is now all grown up and ready to rumble over her supposed desertion of the H when he was sent to prison for a year six years before the story startsThe title is actually a play on words that comes from lighting candles in church In one meaning to hold a candle for the devil mea

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    I guess it was okay as a uick read It certainly kept me interested Olivia and Adam were about to get married when she was 17 but then he was accused of theft Six years after they meet again in her father's funeral when she is already engaged to Richard whom Adam despised

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    I liked this book it was interesting although I did have the 'mystery' portion of the book figured out early on I did like that it was different than most of the books that I have read I may read this book again