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Alternate title Mach 1 A Story of Planet Ionus Back CoverAn indescribable horror is almost upon you earthlings Your reason and caution will die with your bodies Karkong existsLess than a minute later atomic torpedoman Jeb Curtis saw Karkong The hideou.

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Terror on Planet Ionus

D like a huge human shaped pile of smoldering pitch It writhed in a frenzy of uncontrolled fury Karkong was starving And this time it wanted to devour Earth itselfThis was the terror on the planet Ionus that Jeb Curtis had to kill so Earth might survi.

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S planet eater towered over thirty feet in height clawing the lightning bolts around him The monster's form was that of a human giant burned black by its own heat The tendons of its powerful muscles ran like tree roots across its body so that it looke.

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    Terror on Planet Ionus is the only book by Allen Adler who's best known for co writing the story for Forbidden Planet 1956 with Irving Block The novel is intelligently written but presents nothing new even for 1959 It seem

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    This is a rather fun old read You definitely have dated material There is an over reliance on describing in detail fantastical sett