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Con effetti comici insuperabili descrive l'ambiente in cui vive e le sue prime espe.

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Les oevres complète de Sally Mara

Rienze sessuali presentandoci come normali le situazioni più grottesche e scabrose. Perhaps I m still too puritan to enjoy the libertine innocent adventures of an Irish girl seen by a witty French genius

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Sally Mara è una diciottenne che tiene un diario Con un candore un po' sospetto e. Sally Mara is an enigma When did she live When did she write According to her memoir Le journal intime de Sally Mara which comprises the first half of this volume of her complete works she was seventeen in 1934 However according to a later memoir she turned eighteen in 1955 this however may be a misprint there are many misprints and indeed misspelings in all of the documents relating to Sally Mara But how much credence can we give to any of Sally s words when she claims at one point to have never been born She doesn t expand on this idea however and I was disappointed about that but the idea itself does lend her writing a certain apocryphal ualityWhat is certain even factual is that her first novel On est toujours trop bon avec les femmes was published in 1947 in serialised form and that Le journal intime de Sally Mara was published in 1950 What is a little less certain is the reliability of the testimony of a certain Michel Presle who wrote the preface in 1962 for Les oeuvres compl tes de Sally Mara the compilation I m reviewing here and which contains both her novel and her two memoirs Presle claims she was born in Dublin on Easter Monday 1916 that she died in Cork in 1943 and that her husband gave him the manuscripts of her writings after her death Presle further maintains that he met Sally in 1932 when he was employed by her mother to teach Sally and her siblings French and that he and Sally continued to meet at events related to the revival of the Irish language in Dublin for some years after that Presle may have been occupied during those years translating the Irish author Muiris S illeabh in s Fiche Bliain ag F s into French as Vingt ans de jeunesse Gallimard 1936Presle himself is a further enigma In the author s note at the beginning of this book Sally clearly still alive and well in 1962 maintains Presle is simply a character she invented in Le journal intime and that the person who wrote the preface is an imposter She is inclined to think he may be a cover for a certain Raymond ueneau an editor at Gallimard with whom she entered into correspondence during the editing of Les oeuvres compl tes the reader suspects that ueneau was a rather poor editor because of the extraordinary amount of miss spelings and miss abused phrasing only some of which can be attributed to the fact that Sally chose not to write her memoir or indeed her novel in her first language English or even in her native language Irish although her work is nevertheless strewn with phrases in Irish all correctly spelt it must be notedIn order to hold tight to the slippery handrail of facts and frictions surrounding the life and work of Sally Mara the reader needs to pay close attention to the details Sally recounts in Le journal intime and please note that the metaphor holding the handrail has not been chosen lightly Sally herself is very fond of employing the phrase Il faut tenir la rampe she urges herself freuently especially when engaged in tentative research into the obscure mysteries of the Facts of Life research which she reveals herself well able to handle and with surprising dexterity in spite of the fact that in the early pages of Le journal intime she comes across as a typical Irish catholic teenager of the time very sexually repressed and overly concerned with her immortal soul Sally s tentative research causes her to become engaged in some very bizarre situations or phallucinations p47 as she mistakenly phrases them one such involving climbing onto an enormous statue of Hercules in the gardens of the National Gallery of Art It would spoil the pleasure of discovery for future readers if I described any of Sally s research Suffice to say that the French phrase joindre l outil l agreablesic sums it up impeckablyThe second part of Les oeuvres compl tes is devoted to Sally s novel On est toujours trop bon avec les femmes The novel is set on Easter Monday 1916 just as Irish Republican volunteers took control of several buildings in the capital city in an attempt to proclaim an Irish Republic independent of the United Kingdom the initiative failed in 1916 but the aim of establishing an Irish Republic was finally achieved in 1922 Sally sets her story around seven of those volunteer soldiers camped in an empty Post Office building on the corner of Eden uay in the centre of Dublin However the building was not uite as empty as they thought and a postmistress by the name of Gertie Girdle ends up lending a hand to their endeavours This is a prickly subject for Sally to have chosen to write about but she handles it well and it is probably true to say that the research she describes having undertaken in Le journal intime served her well eventually in the novel I ll finish this review by mentioning a strange coincidence While reading Le journal intime the mixture of innocence and curiosity about life which Sally embodies had begun to remind me of a well known fictional character When I came across Gertie Girdle in Sally s novel I was certain I had been correct Sally and Gertie resemble each other uite closely and they both remind me of Gerty McDowell in James Joyce s Ulysses If it weren t for the fact that Ulysses was published in 1922 when Sally was only six years old according to Presle I would have sworn that Joyce had modelled Gerty on Sally A wilder theory which I hardly dare utter aloud is that Sally IS Gerty McDowell which might explain the absence of any official birth record But all such speculation is yet maracryphe to add to the legend of the apocryphal Sally MaraSome of Raymond ueneau s works may have been influenced by Sally Mara s writings and in particular Zazie dans le m tro Zazie freuently refers to a nameless book by a certain General Vermot Sally also mentions Vermot or specifically the Ale maniaue de Vermot in the context of her brother s poem Le Combat des Asperges contre les Moules What exactly this Ale maniaue consists of is unclear however It can t refer to the fact that Sally s brother drank a lot since he drank only large uantities of stout and never large uantities of ale Could this be another example of a marapropism and is Ale maniaue actually Almanach misspelte and could it refer to the the farmer s Almanach Vermot first published in 1886 and every year thereafter This explanation clarifies Sally s reference since her brother s poem about the battle of the asparagus and the mussel could be argued to be related to the seasons and even to the tides In any case the fact that ueneau chose the Almanach to be Zazie s favourite book is confirmation of his being strongly influenced by the details of Sally s world A further proof of Sally s influence on her editor is the character Annette in ueneau s Un rude hiver Annette closely resembles the Sally we glimpse in Le journal intime de Sally Mara

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    Sally Mara is an enigma When did she live? When did she write? According to her memoir Le journal intime de Sally Mara which comprises the first half of this volume of her complete works she was seventeen in 1934 However according to a later me

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    TROPPO BUONE CON GLI UOMINIMan Ray è autore della foto sulla copertina 1932 e di uelle che seguonoUn ueneau più birichino e burlone e giocoso del solito un trionfo di battute a doppio senso di sberleffi e giochi di parole che generano euivociSally Mara è un adolescente nella cattolicissima Irlanda degli anni Trenta 1934 e 1935 Scrive il suo diario in francese perché è la lingua che studia – insieme al gaelico

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    Le caste curiosità di una fanciulla in boccioSally è una diciottenne irlandese che scrive un diario segreto in francese come omaggio a monsieur Presle suo professore di cui si è presa una cotta Siamo negli anni 30 Gli avvenimenti si succedono precipitano si accavallanoPasso da una scoperta all'altra da un'esperienza all'altra È una farandola che gonfia il mio diario e turba la mia piccola anima immortale il puro laghetto dell

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    Υπέροχο σατυρικό σαρκαστικό γαελικό ιρλανδικό ερωτικό μεθυστικό

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    Raymond ueneau Años eróticosEn auellos años en ue Boris Vian se hacía pasar por Vernon Sullivan para escribir sus novelas negras american

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    Sally Mara je dospívající buchtička z Dublinu která si píše deníček Protože dospívala v dobách kdy porno nero

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    Sconcissimo e adorabile

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    Finalement Je pensais ne plus le finir Je dois avouer ue je suis déçu Je m'attandais à un bon bouuin et je me suis trouvé face à une autre chose difficile à avaler J'imagine ue ueneau voulais nous faire rire en se mouant des i

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    Perhaps I'm still too puritan to enjoy the libertine innocent adventures of an Irish girl seen by a witty French genius

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    El Diario Íntimo de Sally Mara se disfruta leer tanto por su ingenio como por su deliciosa prosa Hay partes en ue literal te echas unas buenas carcajadasEl libro de Somos demasiado buenos con las Mujeres no me pareció t