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D's Church and baptizes its members bringing an outpouring of divine grace and power But even as they rejoice the believers have profound and perilous trials to face from the outward threat of Amulon's treachery to the inward threat of pride and disobedience With poignant emotion gripping suspense and rich inspiration this new epic story from HB Moore vividly brings the Book of Mormon to life. To me one of the most important elements a good book must have is a life lesson andor spiritual insight like those found in some of my favorite classics To Kill a Mockingbird Rebecca and Jane Eyre Unfortunately incorporating insight into our work without being didactic can be tricky but I m happy to say HB Moore has done just that in her recently released novel Alma Sure her fictional story is based on a true story from the Book of Mormon but Moore does not use that ready medium to preach Like any master craftsman she lets her characters and conflict reveal important truths for her For instance one of ALMA s lessons or themes is the importance and power of patience Every one of Moore s righteous main character

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King Noah is thundering with rage The former high priest Alma has vanished from the city of Nephi and every night of his believers manage to escape The king blames Amulon and threatens certain punishment unless Amulon recaptures Alma a seemingly impossible task But Amulon has a plan An eually valuable prisoner is at his fingertips Noah's wife Maia whose newfound faith means bitter humiliation. I loved this book I m sad to admit when I read the Book of Mormon I just can t visualize it Not to mention the fact that I ve never EVER even thought about what it was like for the women tagging along with all those great prophets Heather Moore s books that I ve read so far Abinadi and now Alma bring everything to life for me Ironically in our family scripture study we have been reading in Alma this past week and reading this book has made me go Oh Okay I get it for so many things I can t wait to read Alma the Younger now but especially I can t wait for Ammonhe is our family s favorite guy

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For the king and an opportunity for Amulon to seize power Amulon's disavowed daughter Rauel has plans of her own Despite her grief she is determined to begin a new life in the colony Alma and his followers are building When Lamanites plunder and burn her settlement Rauel and her young son are forced to flee to the waters of Mormon Drama and danger escalate as Alma the Elder organizes the Lor. Years ago I read an observation made by President Hinckley s wife Marjorie that went something like this Poor Mrs Moroni It impacted me deeply because I had never before given a thought to the anonymous wife of brave Captain Moroni let alone to the sacrifices she unuestionably must have made as she endured her husband s years of military serviceThe scriptures are filled with people and events recorded with brief mentions that slide under our spiritual radar failing to entice us to study further But there is hope and helpLifting Book of Mormon characters from the typed page and breathing life into them is two time Whitney Award winning author HB Moore s forte ALMA her current novel extracted from the

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Heather B Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of than a dozen historical novels and thrillers written under pen name HB Moore She writes women's fiction romance and inspirational non fiction under Heather B Moore This can all be confusing so her kids just call her Mom Heather attended Cairo American College in Egypt the Anglican School of Jerusalem in Israel and earned a Bache

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    As I finished reading a preview copy of Heather B Moore's latest novel Alma I groaned The book was so good I wanted to keep reading for another few hundred pages – and that was after soaking up some three hundred alreadyI admire the way Heather brings scripture alive in her books and adds a third dimension to familiar stories Alma is no exception Characters I met and loved in Abinidi grow and mature in Alma as they en

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    I decided to take a fresh view of Alma having not read any of HB Moore's books before Even though I have Abinadi I read Alma firstAs a stand alone novel it works There's enough information about what happened before to keep the story moving without slowing things down I found Alma's characters engaging; it sort of brought scripture to life R

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    I loved this book I'm sad to admit when I read the Book of Mormon I just can't 'visualize' it Not to mention the fact that I've never EVER ev

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    Heather Moore was gracious enough to let me read her new novel ALMA and I am glad I did I haven't read too much fiction for her intended audience so this was somewhat new for me I recommend it to anyone interested in having the life of Alma t

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    Years ago I read an observation made by President Hinckley's wife Marjorie that went something like this “Poor M

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    I was very excited to review Heather B Moore's latest novel titled Alma This book continues the story from her previous book titled Abinadi Once I read that book I was hooked Heather is one of those authors that writes with such passion that you can't help but fall in love with her characters You'll end up begging for w

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    Alma by HB MooreAs this was my first HB Moore Book of Mormon novel I was sort've hesitant to read it but the up close and personal life of Alma and his family really blew me away as the story reads like what our Co

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    To me one of the most important elements a good book must have is a life lesson andor spiritual insight like those found

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    H B Moore's ALMA seems to ualify as a fill in the blanks story of what has already been given to us in the Book of Mormon This is a seuel to ABINADI and uses several characters created for that novel to fill in blanks in

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    One of my favorite LDS fiction series I discovered this year has been Heather B Moore's historical novels based on the Book of Mormon

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