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Ndsome knight's hazel eyes and masterful body smote her to her very core and for the first time in her life Gillian longed to risk her career for just a moment of passion's sweet furyWhen Brian de Trenanay discovered the gorgeous maiden beneath the coarse mannish garments he knew he had to brand her as

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With a tunic draping her sensuous figure and a cap hiding her wheatgold hair no one guessed that the boy Gil was really the voluptuous Gillian Only men could belong to craftsmen's guilds and as the best bowmaker in all of England the beautiful girl never minded the disguiseuntil she saw Sir Brian The ha

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His own Even though she was an enemy Englishwoman she had pierced the French man of war to the heart His senses enflamed Brian decided there would be time enough for fighting on the morrow Tonight he would surrender his strength to the power of ecstasy and submit to the irresistible force of her Lovespe

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Aka Rachel Davis; Mona D Sizer; Mona Sizer

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    Lovespell is yet another great romance by the eclectic Deana James Gillian is an English fletcher who poses as twins the male Gil female Gillian

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    This review is of “Lovespell” by Deana JamesThe book begins in England where knight Brian de Trenanay the hero of the book has passed out from wounds suffered when he was betrayed by his suire He is rescued by two peop

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