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George Eastman

Including a movie theater Read these other History Maker Bios about inventors and scientists who changed our world Marie Curie Thomas Edison Albert Einstein Milton Hershey The Wright Brothe.

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Uestion Where did the Kodak name come fromAnswer Kodak was made up by its founder George Eastman and doesn't mean anything He uit school when he was just thirteen to begin a career in busine.

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Ss By the time he died he'd given away than 100 million to schools the arts and scientific and medical institutions He built a huge mansion for his mother and himself it had than fifty rooms.

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    I am a big fan of this biographical series for intermediate grade readers This title was a perfect read after my r

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    He was a photographer in the late 1877's He started out in the carribean He invented the first Kodak camera This would be a good book to have children read for a history paper I really like that the book went into detail about his life I know it is a biography but still It had pictures to go along with it to illustrate what was ha

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