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Contexts and their salient features including formal organization content and any extramusical associations No lover of chamber music should be without this Guide John Barkham Reviews Preface Glossa.

Summary Guide to Chamber Music

Guide to Chamber Music

Not only worhtwhile but so beautifully written and so informative that it should be in every chamber music lover's library Los Angeles Times Authoritative beautifully written guide presents 231 of th.

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E most freuently performed pieces of chamber music by 55 composers For each the author gives a brief biography followed by discussions of the individual compositions both their historical and musical.

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    This is an authoritative guide to trios uartets uintets et cetera by composers from the Baroue Era to Contemporary music The composers are arranged alphabetically with sections assigned to each composition mentioned It is

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    I also have and liked Berger's Guide to Choral Masterpieces I find both books enjoyable and useful The Guide to Chamber Music is organized alp

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    As a graduate student in a chamber music class and later as chamber music program annotator I relied heavily on t

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