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Seasonal Food

Lly influenced produce such as cheeses There are recipes with information such as traditions best regions etc and other basic suggestions about preparation And new for this edition and in response to a growing sophistication in seasonal eating in the UK it features gourmet foods that you can't source locally Discover when to get the finest nectarines or the best month to treat yourself to Vacherin chees.

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O eat now And why Without pouring through stacks of recipe books You need this book Seasonal Food is organized into twelve chapters one for each month of the year Each chapter starts with a brief story about the month itself what's happening in the farming calendar food related customs and traditions followed by narrative sections covering what's in prime season fruit and veg meat fish and other seasona.


Unless you are a farmer grower or food expert I bet your knowledge of what's in season and when is pretty slim Despite a renaissance in British home cooking coupled with a rediscovery of local produce through farmers' markets and enthusiastic celebrity chefs many of us are missing some pretty crucial information I mean what's the use of a fancy gooseberry recipe in NovemberYou want to know what's good t.

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