Zeus King of the Gods (Free Read) author George OConnor

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  • Zeus King of the Gods
  • George OConnor
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  • 07 August 2019
  • 9781596436251

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    Girl walks into my library I'm putting her age at around nine maybe ten Asks if I have any books on Ancient Greece Turns out the kid is so into Greek mythology that she is willingly learning about the true history behind that area of the world for her own personal knowledge In other words she is every children's librarian's dream patron I show her what we have and then we get to talking about mythology She's a huge fan of the D'

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    I love this series I had never heard the story of how Zeus got his lightning bolt This story tells that story I d

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    I mean It's not that great but I just wanted to get my 40 book challenge done so I just picked up this book and I was like I should just read this and it turned out pretty good actually I picked it up because of how detailed and how carefully drawn the pictures were

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    This is a really uick intro to the beginning of the Olympians' reign but I think it purposely left out a lot of information that could have been included so that later volumes would have it The art was okay for me but I didn

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    Wonderful retelling of how Zeus became king of the gods

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    Reason for Reading I am a huge fan of Greek mythologyThis tells the tale of creation from the Greek mythological point of view up to the birth of Zeus Then it follows Zeus's story how he battles his father Kronos to becom

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    “Your hair it looks nice”“thanks” 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Engaging and uick read b

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    Surprised I have never come across this series before or that no one has done a straight graphic novel adaptation of the Greek myths to my knowledgeWhat I liked about this book was that it's not a reinterpretation or modern spin on

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    I'm hooked First it was a fast read Only about an hour if you include the extra reading materials the authorillustrator has at the back of the book I love when you can tell that the author is really invested in giving an accurate portrayal of stories from history In this case George O'Connor gives you his bibliography in

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Zeus King of the Gods

Ost terrifying of all the Titans reigns as the unchallenged tyrant of the cosmosuntil his son the god Zeus sta. Wonderful retelling of how Zeus became king of the gods

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Here's Where It All Starts the beginning of everything the world the gods and even humanity Might Kronos the m. I love this series I had never heard the story of how Zeus got his lightning bolt This story tells that story I didn t know the details of Zeus fighting his father and the Titans I simply knew he overthrew his father Now I do George goes and gets great stories about the Greek gods and there is always something new and fresh There are so many stories to tell about Zeus and all his long list of conuests and yet George focuses on the beginning of the pantheon of gods we know as Greek mythology He does so well in what he brings out I do wish this had been longer and story Zeus is part of so many stories The art is fantastic The lightning jumps of the page He really brought something to life on the page and this is a must read for anyone who lov

characters Zeus King of the Gods

Nds up and takes on his own father in a battle intense enough to shatter the universe Who will emerge triumpha. Your hair it looks nice thanks

About the Author: George OConnor

George O'Connor is the author of several picture books including the New York Times bestseller Kapow Kersplash and Sally and the Some thing JOURNEY INTO MOHAWK COUNTRY was his first graphic novel a long held dream that weaves together his passion for history and ongoing research into Native American life He's also the authorillustrator of a new picture book If I Had a Raptor He lives in