Norman A. Fox (Kindle ePUB) Tall Man Riding

  • 156
  • Tall Man Riding
  • Norman A. Fox
  • en
  • 26 February 2019
  • 9780002477819

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    Good Montana adventure Vengeance mission of a super manread 72867

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Tall Man Riding

Ge Tucker's land ownership When Larry decides to ride back into town and make a claim himself he encounters a few unexpected obstacles.

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G a man from a vicious attack Larry learns he is actually Corinna's new husband and that some of the locals are preparing to challen.

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A few years ago Larry Madden left his fiancée Corinna after a run in with her father the wealthy land owner Tucker Ordway After savin.

About the Author: Norman A. Fox

The western novels of Norman A Fox have sold several million copies throughout the world His works have appeared on motion picture and television screens and have been dramatized for radio This popularity is founded on Fox's ability to tell a gripping tale backed by the vitality that comes from his knowing the West through both travel and research Born in Michigan Fox has since early childh