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Coming back to me The Autobiography

Riends and colleagues could have foreseen On Saturday February 25 2006 four days before leading England into the first Test against India in place of the injured captain Vaughan Trescothick was out for 32 in the second innings of the final warm up match As he walked from the field he fought to calm the emotional storm that was raging inside him at least to hide it from prying eyes In the dressing room he broke down in tears overwhelmed by a blur of anguish uncertainty and sadness he had been keeping at bay for longer than he knew Within hours England's best batsman was on the next flight home His departure was kept secret until after close of play when coach Duncan Fletcher told the stunned media his acti. Much than a sporting autobiography a painful look at Marc s descent into mental illness and his struggle to contain the demons

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Ng captain had uit the tour for personal family reasons Until now the full extraordinary story of what happened that day and why of what preceded his breakdown has never been told He reveals for the first time that he almost flew home from the 2004 tour to South Africa what caused it  and what followed his comeback to the England side and a second crushing breakdown nine months later that left him unable to continue the 2006–2007 Ashes tour down under 'Coming Back to Me' will replace the myths and rumors with the truth as Trescothick talks with engaging openness and enthusiasm about his rise to the top of international cricket; and describes with eual frankness his tortured descent into private despair. No matter how assiduous the human efforts events inevitably take their own course Be it over the course of an innings a match an entire career or life in general Marcus Trescothick s autobiography is a gripping read as it charts out his rise through the ranks before diving deep into his stress related illness something which still carries a bit of stigma for the man on the street In a strange co incidence of events my departing manager chanced upon a copy of this book in their locker and just a week later Trescothick drew a line under his first class career This latest development was announced while I was watching India trump West Indies in a league stage ODI at Old Trafford It all seemed to add up it was time to hear his storyThe southpaw seemed ear marked for greatness very early in his career A prolific opening batsman who would eat breathe and sleep cricket one couldn t help rejoice in his success in the early 2000s Although Nasser Hussain and his cronies from the 90s suad carried a reputation things were on the upswing as the new guard began settling in Trescothick s chronicles of his initial days in the senior team his experiences struggles triumphs leading to the 2005 Ashes allow the devout Test match follower to relive the days He doesn t conceal his disappointment at being overlooked for the England top job in favour of Michael Vaughan who seemed to have hit a rich vein of form at the right time The epoch making 2005 Ashes triumph which lead to the return of the urn and flagged off a new era in English cricket is described in riveting detail and appropriately soFor someone who had hitherto enjoyed a linear career path the confidence of the team management held his own against varied opposition and had 60 Tests under his belt by the time he hit 30 years the best years were arguably ahead of him That is when disaster struckIssues that had been festering for a while but been persistently ignored trivialised or in other ways brushed under the carpet seemed to have snowballed when he was least prepared While traditional wisdom would recommend toughening up his is a strong case for giving mental health due consideration Following certain triggers brought upon by inadvertent developments in his personal life while in unfamiliar environments and in the absence of regular coping mechanisms Trescothick is caught off guard The copious detail around the depth of his internal strife in the midst of the unavoidable dirt grime socio economic divide during tours of India Pakistan forced even myself to temporarily view the sub continent my native home as a alien territory that challenges sanity This is not an uncommon theme with native Brits who have yet to widen their perspective Andrew Flintoff for instance had attempted glorifying his suad in the image of patriotic armed forces out to serve the country before embarking on a tour of alcohol free Pakistan It was even disappointing to find young English journalists on a respected portal such as ESPN Cricinfo promote his views The apple cart is bound to be upset once they break out of their sheltered existence And Trescothick was caught napping in the corridor of uncertainty Anxiety depression are rampant than meets the eye and are yet to be completely decoded by the experts that be But Trescothick s frank account of his struggles will definitely go some way The ball by ball account of the downward spiral and the vicious circle of depression despair and frustration is brought out with its poignancy intact Trescothick barely avoids slipping irrevocably into uick sand It takes a brave soul to open up about his battles even if it maybe for commercial gain No spoilers will be reproduced here best obtained from the horse s mouthIt is also notable that Trescothick was the beneficiary of significant support from the retinue of psychologists mentors therapists well wishers many of which are well beyond the reach of others in his shoes He does express his gratitude even if the full appreciation of the privileges might not be brought out in entirety On the balance a fantastic account No surprises it was a prize winner

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In this true life sporting memoir of one of the best batsman in the game who stunned the cricket world when he prematurely ended his own England career Trescothick’s brave and soul baring account of his mental frailties opens the way to a better understanding of the uniue pressures experienced by modern day professional sportsmen At 29 Marcus Trescothick was widely regarded as one of the batting greats With than 5000 Test runs to his name and a 2005 Ashes hero some were predicting this gentle West Country cricket nut might even surpass Graham Gooch's record to become England's highest ever Test run scorer But the next time Trescothick hit the headlines it was for reasons no one but a handful of close f. This is much than another sports book Marcus Trescothick is not one of those here today and gone tomorrow cricketers who have to get their story out after they have been in the game for a very short time He is an honest to goodness chap who wanted to tell his life story which entailed a major breakdown that ultimately spelt the end of his international cricketing careerHe begins at the end Surprised No need to be for he felt that the best way to deal with his demons was to get them out up front for the reader so heshe would know what they were in for And it works splendidlyAfter painfully outlining his problems he returns to his roots and tells of his upbringing and how he became the cricketer that he turned out to be And he was no ordinary player his talent soon shone through and he was recognised as England potentialHis performances were such that he played for his country as a junior before being elevated to the senior ranks and eventually captaining his country in two Test Matches He married had a daughter he now has two and went touring with the England team It was while he was away that he realised he could not continue this life style even though as he acknowledges he was at the top of his profession and earning very good money In a harrowing tale he tells how his demons surfaced and how he and his family dealt with them And he willingly acknowledges the part his wife in particular and his family helped him overcome themHe continued to play county cricket and to score runs mercilessly and he returned to the England set up But after being a member of the hugely successful 2005 Ashes winning side his demons surfaced once again and he was back to suare one And once again his family pulled him throughThe book is not only a sporting autobiography but a shining example of how to fight and manage I deliberately hesitate to use the verb overcome as I know to my own cost this depressive illness and as such it is a compelling readNot surprisingly Coming back to me won the William Hill Sports Book Award for 2008 but I stress it is much than a sports book

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    This is much than another sports book Marcus Trescothick is not one of those here today and gone tomorrow cricketers who have to get their story out after they have been in the game for a very short time He is an honest to goodness chap who wanted to tell his life story which entailed a major breakdown that ultimately spe

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    Marcus Trescothick was one of the truly great English Batsmen until his depression was severely triggered and he realised that touring overseas

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    The second half which concentrates on his depression is much interesting than the first which tends to fall into the trap of many sports' biogs we started the day on 280 4 Pakistan set us a tough target etcBut his candid description of his descent into his own personal hell and the way he attempts to deal with

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    Much than a sporting autobiography a painful look at Marc's descent into mental illness and his struggle to contain the demons

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    Entertaining in some parts moving in other parts interesting in all parts

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    I can vaguely remember this being considered a good book on its release but that was well before I read so much and so was never really on my radar nor is it still considered a must read really As much as anything it reveals how mental illness was seen 12 years ago long before TV campaigns about itThe early stuff is standard sports autobiography fare child very good at sport does much better than his peers and when playing for

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    In so many ways this is such a courageous and honest account of an illness that is still even now so difficult to admit to having suffered Marcus Trescothick was a brilliant dashing opening batsman part of the legendary 2005 England Ashes team He rode the crest of a hugely successful sporting wave and then mental illness struck And for the most part this book is a candid and sensitive account of that illness and how difficult it was for a s

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    No matter how assiduous the human efforts events inevitably take their own course Be it over the course of an innings a match an entire career or life in general Marcus Trescothick's autobiography is a gripping r

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    I purposefully avoid rating a book where the focus is on the author's personal battle with depression in professional sportApart fro

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    Its a pretty good book I found myself getting frustrating reading it every time Trescothick had another bout of depression which stopped him being able to play or travel you just think 'come on just play' so god knows what it must have been like for him Its really interesting to consider the boundaries of stressmental health how much we can cope with it through pushing ourselves and tough love the dangers of telling ou

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