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Mon is damaged starved and wasting away in complete isolation Touched by his loneliness Gemma starts nursing him back to health dismissing rumors that he’s high risk ignoring the advice to let him croak Simon despises humans His only goal is to get off this miserable planet fast for he is hunted by a scientist obsessed with perfectin. I loved this story But I didn t like the heroine My god this woman was getting on my last nerve She had no business being in the story She lacked any strong ualities And she was obsessed my goodness was she obsessed and love cray cray I just hope her character wasn t based on a real person cause that person would not survive in this world But I have to admit it all worked out for the story though Without her the plot wouldn t have moved forward And she balance Simon s crazy killer mood mantra So yeah though I wasn t so so about the heroine I still came to love the story The plot was strong and stayed on course to the very end My only wish is for but sadly it s a stand alone


G the human race Simon’s rare alien genes are just the ingredient that’s missing for breakthrough research Thanks to Gemma for the first time in years he can escape And he will He will As the hunt for Simon heats up Gemma becomes an unintended target Is she a fool to help him get away And will he risk another captivity to protect h. THIS BOOK

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Earth is in decline and the wealthy have fled it leaving only the destitute citizens behind And aliens Gemma McKinley works at a prison cleaning goop off the floors and serving food to inmates When she is reassigned to the alien ward Gemma is nervous Aliens are dangerous and ruthless They bite But there is one that isn’t like them Si. A gripping action filled romance that is gutting at times this dystopian tale has a lot of heart If you like longer SFRs with a lot of world building and character development this is a good story to chew on If you have a shorter attention span and find anything that isn t immediately romance adjacent boring this likely isn t for you That s OK there are plenty out there for youTWCW this story takes place mostly in a prison and a really grim dystopian Earth Attempted rapes beatings unwanted advances descriptions of torture are all found in hereGemma used to live with her family on an island where she was a ballerina First they lost her brother Foy in The Great Invasion Then she lost the remainder of her family and a her home when it became too toxic to inhabit any longer In the confusion of evacuation Gemma s ankle was broken and never properly fixed or set leaving her with a life long painful injury that could render her unemployable Her last tie to home and hope is her doctor fianc who went off to the planet all of the wealthy and valuable people fled to leaving Earth to the destitute and an increasing population of violent alien races She could not go with him before but he promised to send for her when he was able She s been waiting over 2 years in the care of distant family who all resent her and wish her gone she now works in the prison facility as a janitorhelper in the women s ward Until she doesn tAbruptly switched to the dangerous aliens ward Gemma is thrown into a world of creatures she s never interacted with before than she knew even exist on the planet with a steep learning curve and some sketchy coworkers On her first day there she notices the inhabitant of cell 35 a skeletal and silent male who seems to have been left to rot Hitting a little too close to home Gemma makes it her personal mission to see that he s looked after and not left to slowly die alone and filthy in his cell She feels a connection to the unresponsive male and uickly becomes deeply invested in his care taking greater risks to improve his uality of life It turns out he s really not popular with any of the other aliens in the block and neither of them are safe outside of his cell both for different reasonsSimon is a Rix who has been through Some Things He has spent 3 years in cell 35 unable to eat in a deep meditative healing state and ironically slowly dying in the process Humans are terrible and even a superior Rix Defender can be overcome when weakened enough and against such large numbers He s been left alone until the one day he is not Something very special walks into his small world the day Gemma becomes a helper in the alien block a reason to live and he starts the long painful road to restoring his body This story is told 100% from Gemma s POV meaning there will not be a lot of insight into Simon and his thought process All we know about him he volunteers in conversations with Gemma It s fairly sparse It would have been interesting to see how these events progressed through his eyes or even had insight to why he thinks how he does especially the Big Event before they leave the planet would have been interesting to see from his POV Simon is a serious force to be reckoned with even when he s operating on nearly empty It was easy to see why many of the other aliens in the block were uneasy when it became clear he was going to wake up and did not want to be involved when feces started flying at the fan What he volunteers makes it very clear that he s not from a human like society It s hard to talk about this story in detail without giving a lot of the plot away and this isn t a book where you can skim to try and find the good parts The romance slowly builds up and doesn t come to fruition until over halfway through the book this isn t a particularly explicit work It s satisfying but not erotica and even then there are hurdles to work around All of the information in the world building comes into play in the story even if it seems insignificant All of the cast alien and human alike are believable and usually pretty awful ngl Earth is uickly dying and only the worst of the worst have been left there to die with it Desperate times make for a lot of desperate and depraved people There are some good people left but they re understandably gun shy and guarded about who they extend their kindness to I really enjoyed how the romance built in this one and watching Gemma try to puzzle out Simon s obvious but never stated in terms of love feelings made me shake my head and smile sometimes Honey if someone refers to you as his world that says it all Gemma is beautiful and flawed tenacious persistent painfully naive and manages to find a lot of trouble without being a walking TSTL trope She has a huge heart and wants to give everyone a chance because that is what she most wants She tries to give what she wants back Even though Simon is a lot of things she personally doesn t agree with she finds herself accepting him often uestioning herself and her moral compass in the process It was nice to see a mature relationship progress that wasn t build on melodrama but rather on shared circumstances and mutual care Though view spoiler I would argue based on what we can glean from his words he was pretty much Instaloving on her even in his comatose state He says from the very first time she came in and said hello to him he thought of her as HIS beautiful Gemma Several times he states he s able to leave whenever he wants but he has a Reason he s hanging around the prison HINT It s you girl But it can t last Gemma stomped her foot feeling contrary and desperate for things to be different There s no future for you and me Us His firm mouth softened and the curved eyebrows rose above his large eyes Why do you always say words that make no sense he chided gently What future is there except you and me Us Ill at ease she asked slowly Would you kill me if you had to You He seemed genuinely surprised I kill for you I mean seriously Simon is a bad ass killing machine but he s YOUR bad ass killing machine Gemma He s not shy about telling you that either Man s an open book if you re not insisting on humanized expressions and statements of feeling hide spoiler

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    A gripping action filled romance that is gutting at times this dystopian tale has a lot of heart ✦ If you like longer SFRs with a lot of world building and character development this is a good story to chew on

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    Really enjoyed this oneIf you have KU and like a sci fi humanalien romance I'd suggest checking this one out I had a lot of fun reading the bud

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    Fabulous sci fi read I love everything about this story Although I did feel it ended uite abruptly and I hope the author has plans to make this a series Also would have loved to have seen Simon's POVHighly recommend to alien romance lovers

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    Okay anybody else getting some mad The Shape of Water vibes here???Good giddy God I freaking loved this bookThat romance was soooooo slow to build You constantly felt pain and panic for our poor h and her situationOH ho ho I enjoyed every sec

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    What can I say about this book that isn't just wow I don't know This book was good good good and had a very unusual hero even for an alien But I adored Simon And Gemma And Ruby Everyone else in this book though ca

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    I loved this story But I didn’t like the heroine My god this woman was getting on my last nerve She had no business being in the story She lacked any strong ualities And she was obsessed my goodness was she obsessed and love cray cray I just hope her character wasn’t based on a real person cause that person would not survive in this worl

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    Outstanding story about an alien H and human h The h is barely surviving in a post apocalyptic world The H is alien a prisoner and she works as a cleaner in the prison She's is kind to him and others and although he can't understand her her kindness has woken him from his torpor This is such a wonderful story I read it in one sitting and it

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    What a hidden Gemma in SFRThis was a pure chance read and WOW I’m glad I gave it a try This was a refreshing read against other STR that have been hitting the market lately Was a tad on the long side but it was still enjoyable with minimal skimming Some spolierish content to justify rating and give readers details as the description and info on this A is lacking currently Gemma is a prison guard at a human and alien prison There

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    4 ⭐I liked this story uite a bit and will re read or parts of it again Gemma was raised on The Islands in a comfortable family and planned to be a dancer Natural and man made disasters ruined the Islands An ankle injury dashed Gemma's hope of dancing With no family left Gemma is living in sualor with distant

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