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Now I Lay Me Down to Eat Notes and Footnotes on the Lost Art of Living

From the jacket Now I Lay Me Down to Eat is a commentary on the instability of the ideas and ideals that shape our way of life Modest in size but broad in aim this book examines five basic functions eating sleeping sitting cleansing and bathing in the rearview mirror of humankind's accumulated knowledge Taking its title from the table manners at the Last Supper it inevitably leads to the Lord's endorsement of drinking wine and eating with one'.

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Hal it is meant neither to spread dangerous heresies nor to undermine our birthright to make the worst of possible choices Rather it demonstrates by means of persuasive illustrations that life can be less dull than we make itContents11 Preface17 Table manners at the Last Supper47 Sitting ugly103 Hygiene at a discount123 The convivial bath149 The obsolete bedroom185 PS186 Acknowledgements187 Text References190 Index191 Additional picture source.

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S fingers It expatiates on the fork's decline from an instrument for pitching dung to one for pitching food It reveals the noxiousness of chairs and touches upon the role of swings and rockers as aids to masturbation It speaks of the need for pocket urinals; of the casualties in our battle against the bidet; of the abominable toilet paper It extols the convivial bath of past and present especially the forgotten pleasures of balneal banuets Wit.

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Rudofsky Austrian American 1905–1988 was an architect curator critic exhibition designer and fashion designer whose entire oeuvre was influenced by his lifelong interest in concepts about the body and the use of our senses He is best known for his controversial exhibitions and accompanying catalogs including Are Clothes Modern Museum of Modern Art MoMA 1944 Architecture without Architects MoMA 1964 and Now I Lay Me Down to Eat Cooper Hewitt Museum 1980 He was also famous for his mid 20th century Bernardo sandal designs which are popular again today

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