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The exciting end to The Poppy War trilogy R F Kuang’s acclaimed award winning epic fantasy that combines the history of twentieth century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters to devastating enthralling effectAfter saving her nation of Nikan from foreign invaders and battling the evil Empress Su Daji in a brutal civil war Fang Runin was betrayed by allies and left for dead Despite her losses Rin. ARC provided by the publisher Harper Voyager in exchange for an honest reviewBursting with violence devastation death and profound emotions The Burning God is by far the best book RF Kuang has written in her career so far Here s a prophecy for you she d said One will die One will rule And one will sleep for eternity My claim might sound like hyperbole to you but I can t help it I m genuinely astounded by how far Kuang has improved in her craft as a storyteller Do not misconstrue my statement though I loved both The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic but The Burning God blew them out of the water it s simply on a higher level of uality Hate was a funny thing It gnawed at her insides like poison It made every muscle in her body tense made her veins boil so hot she thought her head might split in half and yet it fueled everything she did Hate was its own kind of fire and if you had nothing else it kept you warm I won t mention any specifics regarding the story in this review I have contemplated discussing the source of the inspiration behind the conflict in this final installment mainly Mao Zedong s response to Western imperialism but I feel that it would be too spoilery for those who don t know I prefer to refrain from ruining your experience If you don t know about Mao Zedong s tyranny though I suggest reading about them before or after you ve finished The Burning God it s up to you That being said If you do know about Mao Zedong s story you probably already know the general direction of Rin s story but rest assured that Kuang has than enough ammunition in store to surprise enthrall and bleed your heart dry I had a notion of the fate of the main characters but I totally didn t expect to be enraptured as much as I did The narrative was thoroughly merciless full of brutal actions gripping and unputdownable I m not kidding I read the last 200 pages in one sitting The final 200 pages of this grim novel were truly Kuang at her best I have so many praises for what she achieved within the last few chapters and yet I m rendered speechless right now Honestly I doubt there s an option for a fitting ending for this trilogy than what s written here everything just clicked The best plans were a secret until their execution The hidden knife cuts the deepest Rin has come a long way from where her story started in The Poppy War she has fought raged sacrificed and lose a LOT of important companions for the duration of her bloody an understatement wars against the Mugenese the Hesperian and the gods I totally understand that Rin may not be a likable heroine I don t think she was ever intended to be one anyway especially considering that her character is based on one of the cruelest tyrants in our history To me though she s one of the most memorable anti heroines in fantasy It s not often I find myself compelled and invested in an unlikeable main character but that s how I felt with Rin She has so much fury and hatred vested inside her soul towards her enemies and she s willing to risk everything even when it hurts her deeply to bring total obliteration to her enemies Once I was your screaming victim begging for your mercy And now you cower before me And it s worth knowing that my investment in the characters didn t go exclusively to Rin the side characters were eually compelling and some were definitely likable than Rin Their complex relationship with Rin serves as one of the things that made reading this trilogy so compulsive Additionally we also get to witness the background of the Trifecta in detail here It s splendid really Kuang isn t afraid to torture and pushes all of her characters to the brink of insanity The number of difficult choices with pivotal results that the characters have to make was terrifying and I couldn t help but find myself glued to observe the tempestuous events their decisions bring We all lost our parents early on before they could tell us what provinces we were from Perhaps that s why we were so bent on unification We were from nowhere so we wanted to rule everywhere One of the standout components of The Poppy War Trilogy has always been the ruthless action seuences that combined the best and worst of both humanity and the gods I personally think that the actions and combat seuences in The Burning God are the best in the series The lethal destructions inflicted on each other and the damage physically and mentally they caused were inhumanly powerful and harrowing As Rin wielded incredible control over the blazing crimson flame that ravages everything in her path there are also other characters with their own respective capabilities to unleash cataclysmic maelstrom deadly soul leeching and groundbreaking literally magic The Burning God encapsulates what happened when mortal avatars with access to divine powers clash with each other Glinting swords were raised the Hesperian s super advanced technologies were launched the gods are cruel and their elegy of death was unstoppable I am the force of creation I am the end and the beginning The world is a painting and I hold the brush I am a god As much as I enjoyed reading the constant trading of divine strengths in this blood soaked concluding installment it was actually the military tactics and psychological warfare that Kuang implemented into her narrative that signified the biggest improvement in her writing skills I ve always thought of the series as a grimdarkmilitary fantasy series and Kuang once incarnated these classifications with amazing precision The war tactics employed were smartly written environment power weapons were all considered before each battle waged Most importantly I can t praise the psychological warfare engaged highly enough here It s purely remarkable how the most intense moments of the entire series were not when a clash of swords and magic were displayed but it was the psychological battles fought I honestly felt the dread and extreme paranoia that the characters experienced the bleakness of the atmosphere and the feeling of helplessness were scorched into my soul and once again I couldn t put the book down when this entire section of the heartbreaking story unraveled Ideological purity is a battle cry it s not the stable foundation for a unified country A nation means nothing if it can t provide for the people in it You have to act for their sake I still have a myriad of things to praise but I must put a stop here I risk writing a novella if I don t force myself to stop now In my review of The Poppy War I said This is the beginning for a new ueen of fantasy and you should consider yourself damn lucky to have the chance to witness it Not only this statement stands true up this day but it screams stronger now I am incredibly fortunate that I get to witness Kuang s journey as an SFF author from the beginning the trail of stories she left here is inspiring and I foresee the flames she ll ignite in her future novels will be as brilliant It has been an extraordinary honor to have read The Poppy War Trilogy an Asian inspired fantasy trilogy I cherished since its pre debut in 2018 Tempered with tremendously well polished deftness in storytelling every scene in this book was painted vividly and every range of emotions was tangibly delivered to the readers It might not do enough justice to Kuang to say that The Burning God is one of the best grimdark fantasy novels that I ve ever read but this is the highest form of praises I can bestow to this novel The Burning God is indisputably one of my favorite books of all time and than ever now the completion of The Burning God earn RF Kuang her rightful crown and throne as one of the ueens of modern fantasy For it was wonderful to remember that this land could still be so breathtakingly beautiful that there was sewn into the heart of the Twelve Provinces than blood and steel and dirt That centuries of warfare later this country was still a canvas for the gods that their celestial essence still seeped through the cracks between worlds Series review The Poppy War 55 stars The Dragon Republic 455 stars The Burning God 55 stars The Poppy War Trilogy 14515 stars PSTo future readers of this book get a bucket preferably two because your tears will flow In The Burning God Kuang threatens to rip out the hearts of her readers and this is what we ll say to her Do it Take what you want I ll hate you for it But I ll love you forever I can t help but love you Ruin me ruin us and I ll let you Official release date 26th November 2020 UK and 17th November 2020 USYou can pre order the book from UK US Book Depository Free shipping The uotes in this review were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Devin Hamad Jimmy Nutts Joie Mike Miracle Nicholas

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Thirst for vengeance and revere her as a goddess of salvation Backed by the masses and her Southern Army Rin will use every weapon to defeat the Dragon Republic the colonizing Hesperians and all who threaten the shamanic arts and their practitioners As her power and influence grows though will she be strong enough to resist the Phoenix’s intoxicating voice urging her to burn the world and everything in it?. 5 5 And if southerners were dirt like all the legends said then they would crush their enemies with the overwhelming force of the earth until they could only dream of breathing They would bury them with their bodies They would drown them in their blood This book is a tragedy in three acts and has left me thoroughly shattered I kind of just want to uote the entirety of this book because I m not uite sure how to do justice to how perfectly RF Kuang weaves all of these topics of war abuse colonisation racism colourism into this one book this one series Rin has joined the Southern Coalition in their fight against the Republic led by Vaisra She has to deal with her feelings of betrayal the loss of her right hand and the phantom pains that come with that and the leaders of the Southern Provinces still treating her as a weapon only Rin seeks a greater power that could overthrow the Northern and Hesperian armies to turn the tides for her and the South She makes her way back to the Rooster Province making new alliances and betting on her own power to chase the occupying forces out of her home and make this country hers at whatever cost In the end it was always so easy to kill her heart It didn t matter that they looked like boys That they were nothing nothing like the monsters she had once known In this war of racial totality none of that mattered If they were Mugenese that meant they were crickets and that meant when she crushed them under her heel the universe hardly registered their loss In this book we can see Rin s descent into a bloodlust that is her own and not her god s While the other books in the series have already shown what she is capable of to what extent she is willing to go to win and the trauma it brings with it The Burning God shows Rin truly enjoying the act of killing This war has gotten even personal than it already was for her she has nothing to lose and she relishes in the power she holds on the battlefield the sense of helplessness she feels in other situations leaving her just for a little bitRin thrives on vengeance on doing what she feels is right to rectify a history that has constantly put her and everything she represents down She becomes the living embodiment of the South of Speer of their anger and resentment It is a blood price to the people she belongs to to reestablish an order where for once they wouldn t be at the bottom But she is also seeking revenge for herself for the life she was handed the cards she was dealt with everything that was taken away from her time after time for the friends she has lost for her dreams that were crushed The tides of history had shifted She had never before believed in fate but this she came to know with and certainty as each day passed the script of the world was now wholly inalterably colored by a brilliant crimson streak Rin believes in her righteous path in the inexorability of a winning destiny for her and the South She believes the gods of the Pantheon are on her side if not out of will but with their power She believes fire and earth will win over water and over technology It s a war that takes on bigger proportions than this one cycle of colonialism and oppression she wants to rewrite a history where for the first time people who look like her will stop being degraded and treated as lesser She wants to break the cycle she doesn t want history to repeat itselfRin wants to win because winners get to rewrite history to erase the narratives that don t fit in with whatever new world view prevails History has for too long erased the narratives of her people of the dark skinned women associated with pale skinned men She is the new iteration of a cyclic pattern of oppression and erasure and maybe she can be the one to dismantle these power dynamics to tip them in her favour They want to erase us It s their divine mandate They want to make us better to improve us by turning us into a mirror of themselves The Hesperians understand culture as a straight line In this battle of ideologies colonisation also implies a complete erasure of the current culture It s something insidious where the Hesperians depict themselves as saviours by just wanting to make things better establishing that their ways and by extension themselves are superior This can be seen in the ways they present their religion as the only valid one dismissing the Nikaran gods as idiotic superstitions but also in the architecture they re putting down to raise their own buildings in the Western clothing style being slowly adopted by the people of Nikan Colonisation doesn t stop at having military forces established it also fundamentally changes and reshapes the daily and cultural lives of the occupied people More privileged Nikarans are the first ones to adopt this new culture wanting to portray themselves like the coloniser distancing themselves from the rest of their own people The thing is that they ll still never be respected by the Hesperians or be truly considered one of them when it comes down to it All it does is establish a structured hierarchy where the Hesperians will always be on top I thought there was something inherently wrong with me she said That I was just born uglier weaker and less intelligent than everyone around me I thought that because that s what everyone told me And you re arguing that means I had no right to defy them Colourism is a topic people are uncomfortable talking about in any depth because they are uncomfortable checking their privilege RF Kuang does not shy away from it It is a uintessential part of this book series and Rin s character The treatment she s received all her life has been anchored in colourism the way she s been seen as lesser as automatically angrier less intelligent and less competent Arguing that the Hesperians are racially superior due to their technology advancements as suggested by one of the characters implies that everything Rin has been told about being lesser is also true It s the cascading effect of racism and colourism the white Westerners are superior to the Nikarans and in turn the pale skinned Northerners are superior to the dark skinned Southerners and Speerly This book also showcases that privilege in light of the Hesperian occupation and how it only enhances this divide how some features make a whole people palatable to Westerners while others will only continue to suffer It wasn t about surrender It was about the long game It was about survival Another running theme present in this book is one of survival The survival of a country at war and how that can come from collaboration Rin struggles with this notion and can only look at others making themselves subservients as traitors She has always been the underdog and it s against her very own nature to consider a path where bending the knee or pretending to for a while as worthy It s a slow journey to understanding but she starts seeing the impact her uncompromising decisions have on the country and civilians Then she left the memories alone Interred here they wouldn t haunt her again She always felt so clean afterward Like the world was covered in stains and with every enemy she reduced to ash it became just a little bit pure While the sheer repetition of the atrocities occurring make it easier to get used to them to seem outwardly composed in the face of the agony of a country Rin is still dealing with her trauma and her guilt trying to lock away the horror and the memories that haunt her As with the previous books in the series we see the impact and trauma war brings on and how it manifests itself differently with each person In a powerful scene with Venka Rin realises that they are linked by the trauma they both went through but that it is still different and their coping mechanisms are different too They are all survivors looking for some control some power and this is what Rin is looking for in new recruits what the gods are looking for in their vessels Do it Take what you want it said I ll hate you for it But I ll love you forever I can t help but love you Ruin me ruin us and I ll let you This instalment explores the cycle of abuse Rin is stuck in the abuse she has suffered from as well as the abuse she has inflicted on others More than ever she comes to terms with the abuse she has suffered from people she loved but she also becomes aware of the abuse others are suffering or have suffered from She understands the patterns better and is able to recognise them in the Trifecta s dynamic in other dynamics of people in her life and in history She sees them all around her and correlates them easily to her relationship with Altan It all slowly builds up to her understanding that she is perpetuating this cycle she has become the abuser instead of the victim It was so powerfully done as she reflects on her different actions and while some of them can be passed off as necessary acts to win this war others run deeper as they extend to the people she loves It s heartbreaking and one of the many layers of her character arc another part of her willingness to do anything it takes This was about demonstrating a change in loyalty a gruesome apology by anyone who had ever spoken against her before This was a blood sacrifice to a new figurehead Rin is finding new powers and is learning how to yield something that isn t magical but is in the bigger scheme of things infinitely useful She is finally taking leadership and bigger political and military power the power that has been denied to her time and time again by older men even though she was their strongest weapon all because they could never bear to see someone like her hold any power She has become a figurehead for their side of the war and she leans into that to bolster her troops and strengthen her authority You can t do this for me he said I won t let you It s not for you It s not a favor It s the cruelest thing I could do The relationship between Rin and Nezha is one that had me suffering endlessly Theirs wasn t a fight of ideologies necessarily but a fight between two people of extreme loyalty to their own people And it was personal The rage Rin feels towards Nezha is immense and yet she still also feels that pull that attraction and finds it hard to want to kill him when she gets the opportunity Their fight scenes in this book were exceptional as we finally see how fire and water fare against one another It makes for breathtaking and cinematic scenes that are easy to visualise and be immersed in Even when their shamanic powers become irrelevant the shorter range fighting feels even personal and intense I think that their individual character arcs and how they impacted their relationship and dynamic were so well executed and I never doubted for one second that whatever happened to them would break my heart She felt alive than she d ever been Now she was three souls instead of one now she was complete now she was This instalment also lets us see some from the Trifecta and their dynamic The Trifecta are monsters and legends and we see that aspect explored here seeing them as weapons as well as of their vulnerabilities The bond they share runs deep and intensely not only from the magic but from the years they ve spent together and it all comes at a price We see of the abusive nature of their relationship and what brought on their downfall from powerOne of the things I couldn t help noticing throughout the book was every instance of a person being buried alive andor having that sensation I truly didn t know it was something I d be sensitive to until this book and I had my eyes wide open to this recurring theme While Shoutheners are constantly compared to dirt and linked to the earth and this definitely highlights the sheer power of numbers they have I think this can also be seen as an allegory for oppression of the burying of a country a people and a culture under colonisation One last much happier note this doesn t have to do with this book directly but rf Kuang has confirmed during a liveshow that Rin is bisexual and it makes my heart happy and let s be real the way Rin constantly talked about Su Daji makes all the sense in the world now This series has easily become one of my favourite of all times It is rare to find a book that explores war racism abuse colourism and oppression so thoroughly and so blatantly This book series makes you look at some of the fucked up shit that has happened in this world and keeps your gaze fixed on it forces you to take it all in It isn t an easy read it is visceral and all encompassing it doesn t shy away from the hard topics it isn t scared to call out the trauma colonialism has brought to the world This is a series I will reread without a doubt and seeing how much better RF Kuang has gotten as an author within the course of these three books I can t wait to see where she will take the rest of her writing career and I will await every book with a lot of excitement Youtube TwitterBuddy read with Melanie ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All uotes taken from ARC refer to a finished copy

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Hasn’t given up on those for whom she has sacrificed so much the people of the southern provinces and especially Tikany the village that is her home Returning to her roots Rin meets difficult challenges and unexpected opportunities While her new allies in the Southern Coalition leadership are sly and untrustworthy Rin uickly realizes that the real power in Nikan lies with the millions of common people who. Book 100 of 2020I feel a void in my heart I need a hug

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    I worked harder than I ever have before to pull off the ending I'm heartbroken to say goodbye I'm so proud of how far I've come in my storytelling abilities–I really do believe TBG is the best thing I've ever written and I hope you think so too I can't wait to share this book with you all in November 3

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    ARC provided by the publisher—Harper Voyager—in exchange for an honest reviewBursting with violence devastation death and profound emotions The Burning God is by far the best book RF Kuang has written in her career so far “Here’s a prophecy for you she’d said One will die One will rule And one will sl

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    ARC provided by Harper Voyager1 The Poppy War ★★★★2 The Dragon Republic ★★★★★ Rin had spent so long hating how she felt when she burned hating her fire and her god Not any The Poppy War trilogy is truly once in a lifetime and this conclusion was honestly a work of art all itself This series is

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    i don't think i'll ever recover from thisthis was perfect this was so fucking perfectoh fuck i'm crying again

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    well that hurt all I have to say is at the end of this book I was on the floor of my bathroom hugging my knees to my chest and full on sobbing so good luck45 stars rtc——————update I did it for Fang Runintempted to make a “pleas

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    Book 100 of 2020I feel a void in my heart I need a hug

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    Update #14 On the back cover in all its gloryUpdate #13Heads up there’s going to be a juicy preorder incentive very soon rubs handsUpdate #12UEEN RIN IN ACTIONUpdate #11 “Not a single person I’ve seen onli

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    hello if anyone needs me I will be at the local cemetery digging my own grave and weeping foreverrtc successfully forced kelsea to abandon her other books and buddy read this one with me ayyyyy

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    ☆ 5 5 ☆ “And if southerners were dirt like all the legends said then they would crush their enemies with the overwhelming for

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    I received an ARC via an ARC fairy and this is an honest reviewCW drug use rape death gore and general violenceIt's over I can't believe that this series is finally over It's just wow I really don't want to say too much about the book because of spoiling things but it was amazing Rin was her usual self Kitay was

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