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In the bestselling prize winning A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson achieved the seemingly impossible by making the science of our world both understandable and entertaining to millions of people around the globeNow he turns. I went into this book with the attitude of of course Bill Bryson can make anything interesting but I was still a little unsure if this was the right book for me There are definitely interesting aspects of the body but I m of a fun fact here uirky tidbit there kinda person I wasn t sure I wanted to read a whole book full of words I can t pronounce But no Bill Bryson really can make anything interestingHis usual charismatic undemanding style is all over this book He begins with the head and takes us all the way through the physiology of the human body The organs systems various proteins and bacterium that I will never remember the name of What really makes this interesting is that he links each part of the body in with the history of medicine and diseases relating to that part He pulls out little anecdotes that shocked me infuriated me and often made me laugh Bryson knows he isn t writing a book for medical professionals here There s a certain amount of depth in some chapters but it feels like a lot is probably skimmed over so us laymen can wrap our heads around the information And frankly it wouldn t be nearly as readable if that wasn t the caseMy one big takeaway from The Body is that we know almost nothing about the body We know so much than we did a hundred years ago and yet we still know almost nothing I swear that about ten times in every chapter there s a comment like these cells do this but nobody knows why or women are 10x likely to get this disease than men but why is anybody s guess I mean we spend a third of our lives asleep and no one even knows why we do thatI like how Bryson looks at health and disease across the world and not just in the United States and Europe Though the US comes out of this looking even worse than I would have anticipated Despite spending on healthcare per person than any other country US citizens die younger and have higher rates of chronic disease depression drug abuse homicide and HIV than almost all if not all developed nations There are a number of theories why though no one knows for sureIf you like Bryson s previous books you should like this one It s pop science and fun than it is ground breaking but as long as you re not planning to use it as your handbook for experimental surgery then I see nothing wrong with thatFacebook Instagram

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The Body – A guide for occupants

His attention inwards to explore the human body how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself Full of extraordinary facts and astonishing stories The Body A Guide for Occupants is a brilliant often very funny attempt to unders. How to make a human body Blend together the right amount of each of 59 elements at a cost of US15157846 according to the Royal Society of Chemistry OrIf you don t have that kind of money lying about you can also do it the old fashioned way that involves heterosexual sex I m not here to judge your methods make a human whichever way you please What I am here to do is tell you that Bill Bryson has done it again He has written yet another brilliant and vastly interesting book this time about the human body Whether you want to know about bones or skin or digestion muscles or brains or bacteria you ll find it in this book I don t even know where to begin in telling you about the contents Whilst some things I already knew and thus this was a refresher there were even that I didn t know and thus made my brain very happy There are just so many interesting facts wrapped up in this book A random few from my highlights You have a meter of DNA packed into every cell and so many cells that if you formed all the DNA in your body into a single strand it would stretch ten billion miles to beyond Pluto We shed over a million flakes of skin every hour leaving behind about a pound of dust every year Easy way to rid yourself of a pound but for some reason I ve never seen it in a diet book If you could ice skate on cartilage you would go 16 times as fast as on ice due to the smoothness of cartilage In the second or so since you started this sentence your body has made a million red blood cells and used a dozen muscles just to read these words The length of all your blood vessels would take you two and a half times around Earth Every gram of feces you produce contains 40 billion bacteria and 100 million archaea Now that s something you can impress your co workers with at your Christmas party The the death rate for infectious diseases has been climbing and is back to the level of about forty years ago This is due to bacteria evolving resistance to our antibiotics partly because of the copious amounts of antibiotics that are fed to livestock a good reason to cut out meat and dairy and the over prescription of antibiotics especially for illnesses that are not helped by them please stop asking your doctor for antibiotics for coldsThe award for my favourite tidbit of information in this book goes to All of your skin colour is in a sliver of skin about a millimeter thick Did you get that ALL of the pigment in your skin is in a sliver so thin that you can see through it That s all that race is a sliver of epidermis For this we have enslaved millions of people killed hated treated unfairly imprisoned For a translucent sliver of skin Stupid reason if you ask me especially when you consider that if you go back far enough every single person on earth has ancestors who came from Africa We ALL had black ancestors We ALL came from Africa The original skin colour of homo sapiens was dark so stop already Stop hating on people over a sliver of skin If you have white skin it s due to a gene mutation a freak gene that happened to get passed on because our ancestors needed Vitamin D after they left Africa Not because you are somehow superior to people who have melanin than you Got thatThose are just a few of the many things I highlighted in this book it s best to have a Kindle copy if you don t like marking up paper pages If you enjoy learning new things if you like to know what makes you you or if you have an extra 15157846 on hand and want to know the ingredients reuired to create a human body this is the book for you

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Tand the miracle of our physical and neurological make upA wonderful successor to A Short History of Nearly Everything this book will have you marvelling at the form you occupy and celebrating the genius of your existence time and time aga. I like Bryson his books are often amusing and informative He has a good eye for details that will keep the reader engaged or outraged or just smile This is a tour of the human body but it includes stories and asides about people associated with the discovery of various diseases or a cure or a system in the body Some books on this topic can get a bit carried away with long names for parts that involve endless Latin or Greek A nice thing he does here when he does give these is to say what the words mean in English often interesting enough in itself and to say why the person naming it that might have thought that was a good ideaI didn t realise that the X chromosome was called that because the person who discovered it didn t know what it did and so like planet X the letter was chosen due to this mystery rather than for the chromosome s shape And the Y chromosome was likewise named following on from X in the alphabetYou come away from this thinking that a lot of people are basically bastards I won t spoil the stories but the person who took credit for Streptomycin fits this category particularly nicely This is a uick read and an interesting one Particularly good is the last chapter you know we are all going to die sooner or later and so death often sharpens our interest I ve become fascinated by the idea that no one is allowed to die of old age any You have to have died of something but as Bryson says getting old generally involves multiple things going wrong with you and so picking one generally ignores the significant contribution one or other of the things you were suffering from inevitably played in your demise Perhaps saying he died of old age as the cause of death would be in fact be accurate Some of the things people were allowed to die of in the past seem so much better than heart disease or cancer like ennui for example I think he died mostly of listlessness As I said recently to a friend of Facebook the category of deaths I would choose for myself would be peacefully and in his sleep

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    I went into this book with the attitude of of course Bill Bryson can make anything interesting but I was still a little uns

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    This was actually really good Highly recommend it if the topic interested you the audiobook was also great

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    I learned so much from this book One of the things I learned was that continuing to learn and keeping my brain active will help me avoid dementia so you should read this book too I highlighted many many pages so I’ll just

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    The definition of a “well” person?Someone who hasn’t been examined yetloosely uoted from the bookThis book is two things Really interesting trivia about the human body TerrifyingI love trivia and this book had tons of it This was not a deeply scientific analysis of the human body It is just snippets and brief anecdotes from various regions of the body as Bryson takes you on a journey through our innerspace If you are not into big fa

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    To know that one does not know how not just even a tiny part of the body works is the first step to getting interested in exploring each fascinating inner landscape From up to down inside to outside young to old organ to nerve and so on goes the journey trough our miraculous wonder of nature whose amazing eyes

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    How to make a human body Blend together the right amount of each of 59 elements at a cost of US15157846 according to the Royal Society of Chemistry  OrIf you don't have that kind of money lying about you can also do it the old fashioned way that involves heterosexual sex I'm not here to judge your methods; make a human whichever way you please  What I am here to do is tell you that Bill Bryson has done it again  He

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    I like Bryson his books are often amusing and informative He has a good eye for details that will keep the reader engaged or outraged or just s

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    I read this off and on for over a week I think reading it straight through would not have left me time to ponder the information and possibly would have been a case of too much at one time Our bodies many systems

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    Be a bar trivia championWant to dominate any biology uestions at bar trivia? The Body A Guide for Occupants has you covered For those of us who haven't had a biology class since we fulfilled some course reuirement ages ago Bryson gives an ex

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    If you are in uarantine due to Covid 19 and if you want to read just one book this is the one you should pick Chapter 20 When things go wrong in this book is a must read one as it is perfectly explaining the current scenario we are facing This book will help us to know about our body which might enable us to a