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A provocative and timely new novel by the author of Inheriting Edith one that will haunt you long after the final page is turnedSylvie Snow knows the pressures of expectations a woman is supposed to work hard but never be tired; age gracefully but always be beautiful; fix the family problems but always be carefree Sylvie does the grocery shopping the laundry the scheduling the schlepping and the PTA ing while planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah and cheerfull

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Y tending her husband Paul who’s been lying on the sofa with a broken ankle She’s also secretly addicted to the Oxycontin intended for her husbandFor three years Sylvie has repressed her grief about the heartbreaking stillbirth of her newborn daughter Delilah On the morning of the anniversary of her death when she just can’t face doing onething she takes one just one of her husband’s discarded pain pills And suddenly she feels patient kinder and m Audio My experience doesn t match the many glowing reviews for this book The character of sylvie just struck me as vicious and ugly Her personal tragedy was too far in the narrative past and her behavior too spoiled and histrionic for me to care about her as a character I only stuck with the narrative out of a curiosity for the pill popping This aspect of the novel was well done but should have merited space rather than the three character device which didn t work for me at all Her descent seemed too superficial I would have preferred the focus on her total experience without the detour chapters about the son and husband unconvincing characters that didn t interest me at all

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Iraculously relaxed She tells herself that the pills are temporary just a gift and that when the supply runs out she’ll go back to her regularly scheduled programmingBut days turn into weeks and Sylvie slips slowly into a nightmare At first Paul and Teddy are completely unaware but this changes uickly as her desperate choices reveal her desperate state As the Bar Mitzvah nears all three of them must face the void within themselves both alone and togethe This was my first Zoe Fishman book and I loved it You ve got your typical family with typical hardships and issues How they all deal with those hardships and issues is the theme of the book I actually laughed out loud the first third of the book then the story got down to the seriousness of addictions It shows how easy it is to slip out of control and no one is immune This was a wonderful story and I highly recommend this book

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    35 starsThis story really grew on me I think what hit close to home was the fact Sylvie could easily be your next door neighbor or co worker or even your family member She starts taking her husband's pain pills to cope with her grief over the death of her baby a few years ago and becomes addicted She has a nice

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    This is an on time book This book is playing out all over the world right nowWe could learn a lot from this dysfunctional family No

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    Thank you to Goodreads for this ARC I am happy I could review this book Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectationsInvisible as Air tell

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and in full disclosure I had not read any previous works by Zoe Fishman so I had no idea what to expect The premise sounded intriguing albeit a bit trite a suburban housewife Sylvie who had rep

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    Zoe Fishman's novel Invisible as Air covers many worthy topics grief addiction overspending coming of age The trouble I felt is tha

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    Audio My experience doesn't match the many glowing reviews for this book The character of sylvie just struck me as vicious and ugly Her personal tragedy was too far in the narrative past and her behavior too spoiled and histrionic for me to ca

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    This was my first Zoe Fishman bo

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    46 year old Sylvie Snow is a person that we all know She could be your neighbor your best friend or a family member She is a hardworki

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    Sylvie Snow gave birth to her stillborn daughter three years ago and she's still grieving but it seems like her husband Paul and almost thirteen year old son Teddy have long since moved on with their lives She feels stuck and invisible in this family so while she's planning her son's Bar Mitzvah and nursing her husband with a brok

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    Dnf not my kind of book