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Anyway Rory soon finds out that his new boss is not just strange he’s not even human and he’s trying to steal the townspeople’s shadows Together Rory and his friend Isabella set out to uncover. Rory is a 12 year old who is struggling to help his single mother provide for their humble living in a very Dickensian style town where nobody is cheerful and the weather is always glum His mom works two jobs and Rory feels that he is old enough to work himself so he gets a job at a local mansion called Foxglove Manor which turns out to be than he bargained for His new boss is acting uite suspicious Why are the guests to the house so mysterious and secretive Why is Rory having weird dreams Why is he the only dark skinned person in Gloom Town And what in Europica is going on with everyone s shadowsThis review will be a bit different from others Since the things I liked and didn t like about the book are so closely related I m not going to split them up into positive negative I m just going to mention each aspect and what I did and didn t like I felt like the book was paced very uickly and at some points I found myself wishing that parts that had been glossed over had meat to them or had been arranged in a different order For example the fact that Rory is mixed race is an integral part of his character and development and while the story mentions he has darker skin I would have liked to see of his diversity included in the story The representation is very important and one of my favorite parts about this book and I appreciate that the author didn t overdo the diversity which made it feel authentic and genuine and is crucial for young children of color reading books that portray characters that look like them but because the book doesn t have pictures I think sprinkling in details and events where he illustrates how his darker skin impacts him and his mother would have made it even better The tie in between the stories about him and Goldenrod his favorite seafarer would have been far interesting if we d gotten stories peppered in throughout the book I felt like the fight against the Big Bad was very fast and would have liked of a build up and resolution Things like reveals about certain characters strengths and backgrounds including that of Rory Izzie and Gloom Town s felt like they came out of nowhere while others took a very long time to get to There was a twist about the city s history that felt a little bit like an off hand comment when it should have been a giant revelation that changed the course of the story There was a twist at the very end that I being an older reader had picked up on but that younger readers probably would never see coming because the clues to it were so vague I also felt like after what was supposed to be this big explosive reveal things kind of fizzled out and resolved themselves too uickly and the end came very abruptly I think a lot of this comes from the telling and not showing of certain important parts Instead of telling us that Rory has asked about his dad in the past showing him asking his mom and having that conversation would give it depth Instead of telling us Goldenrod is a popular mythlegend people love to tell stories about have Rory carry around a notebook that he fills every time he hears a new story about Goldenrod For example one of the best scenes was the seance scene with Izzie and that worked so well because it was shown and not simply told the atmosphere of that scene was so well done and spooky I also think this is a story that would be served well by occasional full page illustrations given the age of the target audienceThis was a short easy read I am sure there is a seuel coming with the big twist at the end I enjoyed Gloom Town s atmosphere and intriguing characters and would definitely give the seuel a try in hopes for details like I mentioned above

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Exactly what Foxglove and his otherworldly accomplices are planning and devise a strategy to defeat them But can two kids defeat a group of ancient evil beings who are determined to take over the wor. 35 Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC Gloom Town is the story of twelve year old Rory who decided to apply for a job at a spooky mansion called Foxglove as a means to help out his mother who is financially struggling Rory thinks the job should be easy until he uncovers that their may be something sinister going on at the manor Rory finds out that his new employer is a shadowy figure who likes to steal people s shadows he s not even human Rory and his new friend Izzy must stop the crazy cultists of Foxglove Manor before people potentially lose their shadowsThis book was a lot of fun and I uite enjoyed it It definitely has a spooky Harriet The Spy vibe floating through the narrative and Rory and Izzy make for fun investigators to follow I sort of wished the big bad in this story felt like a real big bad but I appreciate the effort that went into this book for understanding that cultists might in fact be hard to pitch to a middle grade audience The friendship between Izzy and Rory is easily the book s strongest element especially as they are trying to uncover the big bad but I just wish that the big bad and it s reveal had been strongerI do think this is going to be a great book to recommend to middle grader fans if only because it moves at such a uick pace and the mystery element is good even if the payoff isn t as strong There is a lot of fun and uirkiness in this story and I truly enjoyed my time reading it

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When twelve year old Rory applies for a job at a spooky old mansion in his gloomy seaside town he finds the owner Lord Foxglove odd and unpleasant But he and his mom need the money so he takes the job. I m of two minds about this bookOn the one hand I like the characters and setting I want to read adventures with them I want to see what their next steps are But the narrative has a very odd flowThere are multiples turns to the story It s not that the surprises are too much out of left field But when there s three narrative turns their placement will almost necessarily be awkward The climax and long epilogue make this feel like a prologue to an already existing story rather than a stand aloneMuch of the tension also has an odd balance The protagonists are young And given the rules of the world there s a limit to what they can conceivably do But they should still have some agency over what happens in order for there to be a victory Instead the main plot resolution is practically an accident a trinket ex machina Given their cleverness and how hard they worked I felt the deserved better

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I grew up on Air Force bases and have lived in Japan Maine Alabama Michigan South Carolina Delaware Washington DC Illinois and a bunch of other places I don’t remember After reading Ray Bradbury’s R is for Rocket and Eleanor Cameron’s Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet I fell in love with booksI haven’t stopped reading sinceHOODOO is my debut middle grade novel My second novel TH

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    This was such an amazingly creepy read Full of seafaring mythology magicloved the friendship bn these 2 characters so much the love of familyThe story was so uniue weird wonderful I seen it described on google as “Lemony Snicket and Jessica Townsend meet Greenglass House with a hint of Edward Gorey thrown in” yup I loved it Lol Rory is such a sweet kid he deserves the world Lol he was just a great character💜💜

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    eARC provided by publisher through NetGalley All opinions are my ownI liked the premise for this one and the cover is a bit spooky and cool at the same time There are things that I enjoyed and then there were other parts that were a bit confusingLet’s start with the good I liked the friendship between Rory and IsabellaIzzy She is

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    I'm of two minds about this bookOn the one hand I like the characters and setting I want to read adventures with them I wa

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    I received this arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a very fast read that I think I would have enjoyed a lot when I was younger It's got an interesting magical mystery two strong characters and some fun plot points The writing and plot were pretty simplistic but still conveyed a good story This isn'

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    Rory is a 12 year old who is struggling to help his single mother provide for their humble living in a very Dickensian style town where nobody is cheerful and the weather is always glum His mom works two jobs and Rory feels that he is old enou

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    In a town called Gloom almost everything and everyone is washed out and dark For Rory this is the only life he's known But when he gets a new job for a dangerous and secretive employer he starts to wonder if life in Gloom was supposed to be that way With the help of his best friend Izzy Rory sets out to unravel the web of secrets and darkne

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    As the new valet at Foxglove Manor Rory discovers that things are not what he'd hoped There are unusual guests a forbidden red door and a grumpy old butler who watches his every move Things really go south when Rory discovers a human heart buried in the garden He has kept everything hidden from his mother but not from his best friend Izzy When Lord Foxglove steals their shadows they decide to get them back a

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    There are many things which I enjoyed about Gloom Town The main characters are well fleshed out and the secondary characters like Rory’s mom’s friends are a colorful lot I like it when secondary characters are uirky and not just in a boo

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    35 Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC Gloom Town is the story of twelve year old Rory who decided to apply for a job a

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    Thank you NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group for this digital copy in exchange for an honest reviewDescriptionA delightfully creepy novel from a Coretta Scott KingJohn Steptoe New Talent Award winner imbued with magic and seafaring mythology Lemony Snicket and Jessica Townsend meet Greenglass House with a

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