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characters Kindred 12 ueer #LoveOzYA Stories

Kindred 12 ueer #LoveOzYA Stories

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NOTE I received Kindred Stories as part of the AusYABloggers Kindred Book Tour You can follow this tour on instagram through the hashtags KindredStories AusYaBloggers AusueerYA LoveOZYA OwnVoices As well as through the accounts ausyabloggers walkerbooksaus littleelfman I no longer know the lines between literary analysis review and emotive response This review is going to be a mess but at least it s mine It s not the dark I find scary It s the light In the light you can see everything Even the things you don t want to 136The thing about sexuality for me is that it s so hard to pinpoint Where did this start Why did this start Is it real Am I faking it What will people think Goodreads acts as a shadow for me I m googling if I can hide reviews from family because twenty three doesn t mean ready There s so much that ties into my identity we are multi faceted humans who have embraced so many things Considering this Kindred is essential reading Showcasing sexuality gender pronouns disability race religion hope futures this is something that might have made the path easier for me when I was younger This is a collection that will make the present easier for so many young readers To be able to identify yourself in a text is a truly incredible and necessary thing Kindred Stories is a collection of Australian LoveOzYA voices that have come together to create a collection of diverse tales There s the dystopian with Rats and Each City the eerie coming from Light Blub and the heartwarming with I Like Your Rotation and Waiting Each story offers something new there is no way that ueer youths will finish the book without finding at least one story that they identify with or are inspired by That s impossible I m not sure if it s an I want to be you or an I want to bed you crush 98I found myself finding familiarity in lines and characters Understanding my bisexuality is taking a long time But overwhelming uestions of what constitutes a crush and how do I ensure that I look the part should I even look the part were met within the stories Over and over again I found something to relate to something to make me laugh and something to make me cry I think that this is an important collection for all people to read To understand the risks posed to our community even today To understand how human we all are at our very core As a collection I think it s important to also share thoughts and feelings for all of the pieces Giving back to the authors that are helping to build us up and represent us Rats Marlee Jane Ward Within this story readers are met with dystopia underground worlds and the opportunity to embrace Open Air Michelle is one of the rats and indicates how chilling being yourself in public can be a loss of personal security When Michelle is pushed into Maita a studying above ground worlds transform We are met with cheeky crushes and the reality that not every fight can be won alone Michelle needs Maita s help We need each other to survive In Case of Emergency Break Glass Erin Gough Break Glass hit all my cafe and catering feels Amy is struggling with her boyfriend kissing him just isn t fun and she s late for work again But arriving at the function Amy is left to work out what really is going on in the world when she meets Regi dozens of birds tattooed on her arm I would ve loved a full feature novel of this story was definitely necessary Bitter Draught Michael Earp So different to Earp s story in Underdog I wasn t excepting the fantasy within this story Simeon s sister is sick and if he can find the witch he may be able to save her His boyfriend Wyll is there by his side but the witch warns him there is always a cost This story explores privileging of love and I would adore reading even similar things from Earp in the future I Like Your Rotation Jax Jacki Brown I think this was one of my favourites in the collection Jem and Drew are both wheelchair users who connect through swimming and the necessity of disabled representation within pride The characters are both so real and made me cry I think another important aspect of this is the reality that not all crushes eventuate there s always hope but contemporaries where our protagonists remain single are always incredibly interesting to me This is one of the most important stories in the collection and I will definitely be looking for of Brown s work Sweet Claire G Coleman Claire Coleman is undeniably one of the most incredible speakers I ve witnessed She understands the links between luck and hardwork within the publishing industry I definitely look up to her in many ways Discussing her story with a few other readers I ve reached the opinion that it did not achieve what Coleman had hoped for A role reversal story this one can be considered problematic for some readers and should contain content warnings for transphobia I do still hope to read of Coleman s work and look forward to her other writing Light Bulb Nevo Zisin There s a dizziness to this story that is part of it s charm Our protagonist loves the dark it s safer there Zisin explores the realities of concealing and revealing our true selves This entire story speaks on another level and I can guarantee I will be rereading it Truly gorgeous I love this and its darkness Another favourite Waiting Jen Wilde I love my bicons Waiting in line for PrideCon Vanessa makes Audrey put her jumper on to hide her Rosa Diaz tee Wilde shows us what friends can do and the kindness of strangers It had all the cheese and honest truth telling necessary of a YA story and was just super great I am also in love with Josie now Laura Nyro at the Wedding Christos Tsiolkas This is the one that made me cry the most which by default means it s good Jack and Paul have decided that they re going to get married But Jack wants to invite his father accused of sleeping with a minor to the wedding This story navigates some really difficult territory showcasing discussions of trauma identity and family I ve also discussed this one with a number of readers and have established that it may not have been a great fit for the collection and reuired further closure and perspective on the pedophilia in the story Not necessary the best fit for a collection for teens Each City Ellen van Neerven I just finished Heat and Light for one of my university subjects so I was definitely ready for the dystopian world that van Neerven provided Our protagonist and partner Talvan live in a futuristic world where activism is still risky Their home is robbed and our anonymous protagonist is forced to flee the country hoping for any communication possible with family van Neerven consistently tells chilling and honest storiesAn Arab Werewolf in Liverpool Omar Sakr You can feel the poetry in Sakr s voice and tone This story follows Wafat and Noah s secret loves and relationships as they face homophobia I really loved the innocence of it all teenage sexual urgency There s an underlying sense of humour in this piece I wanted to have of thisStormlines Alison Evans I follow Evans on multiple social media platforms and they re always impressing me with stories and knowledge I haven t yet read their other works but if this is anything to go off I am so keen This piece explored Marling finding New in a mangrove after a storm Marling is forced to consider loneliness and how it affects ver Where we create homes is importantuestions to Ask Straight Relatives Benjamin LawI m also familiar with Law s online presence and was really excited to read this piece As a nonfiction piece I think this was important to include and even important to have at the conclusion of the collection Discussing cultural differences in sharing sexuality and affection is incredibly interesting and reminds you to stop and take a second to consider the world what really underpins the gay voice Growing up and having to uestion yourself while everyone else asks invasive and hurtful uestions is painful At the same time it also means you ve asked some of the most important uestions before anyone else will ueer isn t just a sexuality It s a fundamental viewpoint and different way of looking at the world 283At its core this collection is just really damn pure I often found myself wanting a bit fleshing out of narratives and time spent on certain stories but at the end of the day this is something incredible The collection s conclusion includes a variety of resources for teens and showcases the authors properly reminding you where to find them and what they ve written before Kindred does incredible work in reinforcing ownvoices within Australian Young Adult Fiction Congratulations team you ve done amazing Happy Pride x

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To be uee. Review to come upon my posting date for the upcoming AusYABloggers blog tour of this amazing book Thank you Walkers Books AusYABloggers for having me on the tour Become a Creativity Coach Now! posting date for the upcoming AusYABloggers blog tour of this amazing book Thank you Walkers Books AusYABloggers for having me on the tour

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What does. A really enjoyable collection of stories As with all short stories some were better than others after attending the Sydney Writer s Festival panel on this book I know some of the authors here hadn t written fiction before or hadn t written short stories before and in a couple of cases it was uite obvious either in a somewhat juvenile writing style or in a couple of cases the story feeling like an essay or personal reflection But for all of that some of these were BRILLIANT Some of them were absurd some wonderful some touching and sweet and all of them Australian YAS for Aussie fiction And importantly all of them ueer Gay lesbian NB Trans these stories had a bit of it all and a wonderful range of intersectionality as well I highly recommend this collection and all of the LoveOzYA collections This is a great initiative and I look forward to what comes out of it next

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Brooklyn SalibaKindred 12 ueer #LoveOzYA Stories features stories by Australian authors Jax Jacki Brown Claire G Coleman Michael Earp Alison Evans Erin Gough Benjamin Law Omar Sakr Christos Tsiolkas Ellen Van Neerven Marlee Jane Ward Jen Wilde and Nevo ZizinHonestly I can’t even begin to explain how important this book is because everyone should have a copy in their co

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    A fantastic collection of ueer stories from own voices authors Many of the stories varied in terms of tone genr

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    A really enjoy

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    10 were good one wasokay and one was frankly horrible Video review up on my channel tomorrowReview copy kindly provided by AusYABloggers and Walker Books as part of the Kindred Blog Tour My review is entirely honest

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    ✔️31 a book stories set on a college or university campus🌟🌟🌟💫 35 starsWhat a beautiful collection of diverse stories from diverse Australian voices This anthology really celebrated what is so uniue about ueer writing and perspectives I definitely enjoyed some works than others but it covered a broad range of genres

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    NOTE I received 'Kindred Stories' as part of the AusYABloggers Kindred Book Tour You can follow this tour on instagram through the hashtags #KindredStories #AusYaBloggers #AusueerYA #LoveOZYA #OwnVoices As well as

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    Marlee Jane Ward Rats 45This first story is set in the near dystopian future from what I could tell The world building is subtle but interesting and mostly made clear through details rather than explanations This works really well especially since it gives the subtle exchanges between the characters weight as wellThe story has a meet cute between a tunnel rat aka a girl who lives in the tunnels of the Melbourn

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    Some of these were really great Jen Wilde's story was my favourite followed by Marlee Jane Ward's some of them were pretty good but there were two I wondered why they were there?And now I've said that I know you're going to ask so Sweet by C

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    Review to come upon my posting date for the upcoming AusYABloggers blog tour of this amazing book Thank you Walkers Books AusYABloggers for having me on the tour 🏳️‍🌈

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    I was lucky enough to attend the launch of this anthology at the Sydney Writer’s Festival and purchase my copy early After hearing some of

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