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Aths of his brother and his father the Great Depression World War II jazz music his time at Columbia University the rise of the Beat Generation and significantly shaped his worldview and subseuently his uniue writing style Throughout the text demonstrates how Jack Kerouac always sought moments of clarity and epiphany trying to make sense of the world around hi.

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Jack Kerouac

Vided into eight chapters the book begins with a chapter that examines the historical cultural and literary context that gave rise to the Beat Generation then progresses chronologically through Jack Kerouac's life from his birth in 1922 to his death in 1969 Dedicated chapters demonstrate how major life events and social and cultural influences including the de.

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Jack Kerouac Tracing the Theme of Epiphany invites readers to survey and analyze Jack Kerouac's works with particular focus on his constant exploration to discover what it means to live a meaningful life The text helps readers understand how Kerouac contributed to and influenced American literature becoming one of the most famous writers of the 20th century Di.

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