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LoungeAfter having arrived on Jocasta Island for a long weekend Charlie and his mother Kendra had clicked with Ron and Charlotte a father and daughter couple After an incredible night of group sex the two couples continue to spend time together When they see a sign about incestuous couples performing live on stage in The Love Lounge Charlie wants to put all their names down to perform He just has to persuade his less confident mother to agree but the sexual spirit of Incest Island soon sways her.

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Incest Island

Incest Island Part 1 Charlie And KendraCharlie Henson had been in a sexual relationship with his mother Kendra for nearly a year and it had been wonderful for both of them But Charlie was keen to meet others out there like them He decided to research the consang movement online and to his amazement discovers a tycoon lawyer has made an island resort purely for incestuous adults When he tells his mom she becomes just as excited and soon they are planning a weekend trip to Incest IslandIncest Islan.

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D Part 2 Weekend In ParadiseCharlie and Kendra close mother and son have booked a long weekend on Jocasta Island where family love is not only legal but mandatory in order to stay there as a resident When they arrive they soon click with an attractive father and daughter couple Ron and Charlotte It's not long before the liberal atmosphere of the island encourages the two consang couples to get better acuainted Warning explicit sex scenes of a taboo natureIncest Island Part 3 Pleasures In The Love.