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Visualizing Software

Ail; provide natural places on the diagram where annotations can be added about software reuirements affecting accuracy and timing; and furnishes a different icon for each important software aspect whose interconnections capture all the significant interactions;Visualizing Software should be valuable to software engineers analysts designers programmers and managers of software projects.

summary Visualizing Software

Aspects of software including executable processes data data flow control flow and decisions and all their interactions; describe software objects clearly displaying software objects clearly displaying their encapsulation and the data they protect; show state transition networks with a clarity beyond traditional methods; offer eual applicability at very high and very low levels of det.

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This book introduces a new graphical design representation for software focusing on improving the reader's ability to simulate the behaviour of software mentality;Visualizing Software explains how the new notation is useful in the primary documentation of software designs as well as in discussions and design reviews It goes on to consider how the new notation exhibits all the important.

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