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Ey Deaver Elly Griffiths and Joe R Landsdal. m grateful to Titan for a free advance copy of Exit WoundsI love a good themed anthology I find an anthology does several things for me as a reader First if well chosen and the authors in this one are among the best their perspectives what s the right word for a gang of authors A plot can shed light or dark on a subject than any single writer could Here that theme is the exit from a crime or a criminal situation That exit might be a death or an escape or loosely the winding down of the events It s perceptive I think to focus on this aspect when a great deal of crime writing deals with the before the build up and or the after the investigation Here attention is mainly on the cusp after one and before the other Although in some of these stories such as Joe R Lansdale Booty and the Beast the exit may have been long ago Another valuable service anthologies serve is giving authors space to tackle things a bit differently to visit aspects of their fiction that might not be enough for a full blown novel but nevertheless fill in details or illustrate ideas that are useful in understanding the whole So for example here in Steph Broadribb s Fool You Twice we see an early adventure of her hero Lori Anderson I am and always have been a member of TeamLori a fan of Broadribb s indefatigable bounty hunter former exotic dancer and mother so it was a delight to read this the earliest story about her showing how she made a start on her own and that she was form the very beginning capable brave determined and on the side of the angels And in John Connolly s splendidly named On the Anatomization of an Unknown Man 1637 by Frans Mier we see a dark world that might or might not fit with his Fractured Atlas universe having just read Connolly s A Book of Bones I read out that way though there is no explicit connection but the shadowy demi monde of artists surgeons and anatomists hinted at here could be taking place behind that story In particular the creeping doubt over just what this story is and how it related to the painting being described is delightfully creepyThe final joy of an anthology like this is that you re certain to pick up accessible writing both by authors you know and those you don t whether the latter are ones you have wanted to try but haven t got round to and by those you didn t know but can now explore in future Overall a triple win I d saySo here are nineteen stories most of them published here for the first time and all excellent The Bully by Jeffery Deaver is a neat little story reflecting Deaver s encyclopaedic knowledge of forensics in which you understand everything that s happening until you don t Dead Weight by Fiona Cummins is a bleak tale in which Lula suffers repeated psychological abuse and body shaming from her controlling mother There are some stomach churning moments of realisation here Were there hints about the mother s motivations I wasn t sure but this really left an impression I really enjoyed Like a Glass Jaw by Mark Billingham Dealing I think with how women and men cope differently with their lives we meet a man of the old school he notes that there were mainly women at his gym session so no pressure on him perhaps a bit of a villain though past his prime A spiral of events leads him somewhere he didn t intend to be but was the whole thing a result of the male outlook adding two and two to make five I also loved Sarah Hilary s The Pitcher which reminded me of Roald Dahl or Joan Aiken Marmalade Wine at their very best a deliciously wicked little tale with a decided aha moment a very chilling momentI wondered if stretching things to call Discipling by Martin Waites a crime story pure and simple though there is an implied exit as this is I think a story with no victim Or at least no unwilling victim Nevertheless I wouldn t have had it left out The Consumers by Dennis LeHane is conventionally crime y a bitter little story featuring an abused wife and a hitman For a short story it packs in a great deal including reflections on personal responsibility culpability and the sources of wealth The exit sought here looks like an easy way out but life has a habit of being complicated Another of my favourites in this anthologyThe next two in the anthology Voices Through the Wall by Alex Gray and Lee Child s Wet With Rain are both definitely aftermath stories In Voices the offender is wholly absent leaving an echo of dis ease and we re simply left to wonder as we piece together a sad chain of events In Wet With Rain almost a mini thriller we follow a pair of Americans who are clearly up to something dodgy in Northern Ireland with their implausible story about buying up the birthplace of a noted writer but what do they really want I had sort of guessed the what from a couple of clues in the text but the what next completely blindsided meI will now make a terrible confusion Until reading this anthology I hadn t ever read any Val McDermid I know Now I know what I m missing Happy Holidays features McDermid s criminal profiler Dr Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan investigating a series of murders that seem themed around traditional holidays When Santa disappears things seem to have become serious But what is really behind the chain of grisly killingsChristopher Fowler s Lebensraum in contrast reads less as a specifically crime adventure though there is a background of villainy in it than as an allegory It s a story of an old woman whose house is progressively taken over by strangers loud strangers how strut around in uniforms and speak of their cause Illustrating the theme of Exit Wounds almost perfectly the narrator almost seems to be fading from her own life Whether at the end she s a symbol of endurance or a victim is unclear A powerful and disturbing story Mark Billingham s Dancing Towards the Blade is another story that ends on a note of ambiguity Billingham s story sees cultures collide as Vincent a young man of colour encounters racist bullies on his run down estate Cutting between the bleakness of that confrontation and the vibrant coming of age ceremony for I think his father Dancing Towards the Blade like Lebensraum confronts the realities of newly confident racism and hatredKittens by Dean Koontz is perhaps another story of hatred but on a domestic scale It is both grim and sad read it at your peril Featuring a bullying and ignorant father who warps religion to terrorise his daughter it is strong stuff as is AK Benedict s Take my Hand Benedict is another writer I look out for I wish there was by her I could read so I was delighted to see this half crime half spooky story about a nasty museum exhibit and the plans of some nasty schoolchildren to make mischief with it Definitely one of my favourites Dressed to Kill byJames Oswald has aspects on common with Take My Hand I ll say no spoilers as a series of deaths come to light which bear striking similarities The only problem is they are murder suicides and they take place decades apartThere s a twist of dark humour to the final three stories in this volume Joe R Lansdale s Booty and the Beast is almost a comic caper as three villains jostle for the legacy of a lone gone crime Exits again They seem to be three particularly vile people and the way things turn out another exit is curiously satisfying In Paul Finch s The New Lad almost novella length we see what Greater Manchester Police do with the new boy in the team They put him on duty guarding a lonely crime scene late at night on his own ion course Deploying the full register of spooky scares twists and foreshadowing this story is a miniature masterpiece in tension Finally in Louise Jensen s The Recipe the husband has already exited leaving his middle aged wife to pick up the pieces of her life She seems to be managing very well but will the arrival of her sister bring unwelcome memoriesThese are entertaining varied stories almost all compulsively readable Do give them a try

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A brand new anthology of crime stories writ. Thank to Sarah Mather from Titan Books for my Advanced Copy RTC

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Ten by masters of the genre including Jeffr. Great selection of short stories from a plethora of excellent writers Full review to follow

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    Dark and twisted tales in small bitesI’m not a fan of short stories by design there is a contrivance that just doesn’t seem to agree with me Short story writers have to deliver a tight narrative believable characters and a solid plot in just a few pages that always feels artificial but somehow in these stories the artifice worked If you’re a fan of short stories or if you’d like to sample the writing style of n

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    Ok here it is This short stories novel are just that short A uick read indeed but some of the stories go nowhere or need elaboration on the plot Some of the stories are fantastic and to the point of no expansion in the storytelling Some of the stories just wonder why are in the book itself? 3 stars I think is fair If you looking som

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    Thank to Sarah Mather from Titan Books for my Advanced Copy RTC

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    I voluntarily reviewed this book from the PublisherI will be the first to admit that I don't tend to read many short stories and this is something that I would like to rectify so when EXIT WOUNDS arrived through my letterbox I was delighted to try something a little different From serial killers picking off their prey to those hell bent on revenge this collection of crime stories from some of the best in the business g

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    EXCERPT his round head covered with a shaggy blond pelt turns slowly toward me and tips that creepy smile my way He's not surprised

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    Great selection of short stories from a plethora of excellent writers Full review to follow

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    'm grateful to Titan for a free advance copy of Exit WoundsI love a good themed anthology I find an anthology does several things for me as a reader First if well chosen and the authors in this one are among the best their p

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    Book reviews on wwwsnazzybookscomExit Wounds is a brilliant anthology of short crime stories from some of the genre’s biggest and best namesI have to admit that I’ve never really been a ‘short story person’ I always preferred the investment and story development of a full length novel but the fact these are only

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    If there is one thing in the book world that is misunderstood and completely underrated for me it has to be the short story or in this case the short story anthology I know that some people feel that short stories don't allow them to get to know the characters that they aren't meaty enough but for me they are the perfect b

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    A few worthwhile reading very few