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E and unseen preliminary illustrations from Juan Gimenez Discover the complexities of the Metabarons' sacred bloodline traveling all the way their inception through the tales of the intricacies of the expanded Universe and into the recent relaunch The Metabaro.

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Deconstructing the Metabarons

The second reference guide to the Jodoverse focused on unveiling the secrets of the Universe's fiercest warrior clan the MetabaronsDeconstructing the Metabarons sheds light on the secrets surrounding the celestial clan of warriors first introduced in the the s.

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Eminal science fiction graphic novel which has become the cornerstone of the Jodoverse The Incal This encyclopedic reference book is packed with fascinating insights from the Metabaron's original creators Jodorowsky and MÅ“bius alongside revealing text and rar.

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    The Metabarons is one of my favorite comics but I have a weird feeling regarding it due to Jodorowsky being a creep ie see the production of El Topo A nice supplement to the Metabarons series but overpriced and nothing remotely academic other than sourcing together interviews images and frameworkI was mostly interested in commentary on the new Metabaron cycle by Jerry Frissen that focuses on an Epyphite shortage ie imagine if the universe r