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SUMMARY Bloodwinter

Able act of violence arrive at an isolated gem mine on a special commission for their king They are the arrogant but talented Eddyn; Avall his archrival; and beautiful Strynn newly wed to Avall but carrying Eddyn's childMeanwhile to the south amid Ixti's scorpion riddled sands and sensuous cities a horrible accident has forced Prince Kraxxi into ex.

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An epic new fantasy of passion power and enchantment From a master of contemporary fantasy comes an unforgettable tale of heroes heroines and rogues whose two rival nations are scarred by suspicion shadowed by war and summoned to destiny by a magic that is both gift and curseIn the icy northern realm of Eron three young artisans bound by an unspeak.

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Ile with blood on his hands and a price on his headThe four will be drawn together and torn apart by a magnificent find a gem with magical properties beyond anyone's imagining or control It is a struggle in which hidden forces pursue a frighteningly sinister agenda For whoever possesses the gem holds the future of the worldand the power to destroy.

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    3 stars I liked it but it wasn't spectacular The positives are it had a refreshing unusual culture which was richl

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    Excellent start to the series with an interesting culture and sympathetic characters