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WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST SELLER IMPROVE YOUR PHYSIUE BUILD LEAN MUSCLE AND INCREASE STRENGTH For than twenty years Bret “the Glute Guy” Contreras has been on a uest to improve human performance focusing his research on the gluteus maximus the largest muscle in the human body What started as an effort to improve his own weak flat backside uickly evolved when he discovered the wide range of functional movements to which the glutes contribute Properly trained glutes not only help you lift heavier jump higher sprint faster and swing harder but also help prevent knee hip and lower back pain and injuries Bret went on to earn a doctorate in sports science and is now known as one of the world’s foremost experts on strength and physiue training After helping thousands of people reach their strength goals and achieve their ideal physiue in his world renowned training facilities Bret brings you Glute Lab which pulls his field tested and scientifically proven methods and techniues together into an all in one glute training system that will help you develop leaner rounder stronger higher performing glutes This all encompassing guide explains why glute training is important for The most helpful book for learning to train glutes on the planet Bret is so wonderful to share his knowledge in such an easy to understand and use format

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Hlete looking to boost your performance a physiue competitor or bodybuilder looking for an edge over the competition a powerlifter looking to increase your strength a CrossFitter inspired to gain knowledge a personal trainer interested in offering your clients cutting edge training techniues or a physical therapist looking to improve your clients’ health Glute Lab will euip you with the information you need In this book you will learn The fundamentals of optimal glute training The anatomy and function of the glutes How to select exercises based on your physiue and training goals How to perform the most effective exercises for sculpting rounder stronger glutes Variations of the hip thrust deadlift and suat exercises Sample training templates and splits that cater to different training goals and preferences How to implement advanced methods into your training routine Diet strategies to reach weight loss and body composition goals Sample glute burnouts and templates Twelve week beginner intermediate and advanced full body training programs with a glute emphasis How to design your own customized training programs How to overcome plateaus in training strength and physiue   A physically big Heavy book Very well written Illustrations are many clear and very helpful

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Health and performance how the glutes function what critical role they play in the body and how to design the optimal training program to accomplish your aesthetic and performance goals This book offers thirty six weeks of programming and several training templates for those who want to dive right in breaking down each techniue with step by step photos and descriptions Bret also reveals the most common faults people make when performing these movements and offers hundreds of tips for getting the most out of every training session You can implement his system in your local gym or even in the comfort of your own home Glute Lab is than just a book on glute training These principles and methods can help you maximize muscle growth and strength improve body composition overcome training and physiue plateaus train around injuries and discomfort determine ideal training freuency and exercise selection design periodized programs and so much In short this book gives you the tools to make strength and physiue gains and design balanced programs that cater to a wide range of goals and work for your entire body Whether you’re a regular person looking to improve your appearance an at Enciklopedija treninga za gluteuse Sve to treba da zna o treningu gluteusa je u knjizi

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    The most helpful book for learning to train glutes on the planet Bret is so wonderful to share his knowledge in such an easy to understand and use format

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    Really good book with scientific explanation on all things regarding glute training It gets uite repetitive in some parts but you can easily flip through those pages Last part has detailed explanation on every single exercise Be pre

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    I waited until I completed a full 12 week program before rating this one This is full of great information for strength training and has many different programs you can follow and even repeat I did the intermediate program and I was able to do almost every exercise with my suat rack bench and dumbbells Had to get

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    Enciklopedija treninga za gluteuse Sve što treba da znaš o treningu gluteusa je u knjizi

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    A physically big Heavy book Very well written Illustrations are many clear and very helpful

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    Good science and lots of exercises

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    From world renowned strength and physiue coach Bret Contreras The Glute Guy Glute Lab is the most comprehensive lower body training system on the market I first discovered Bret Contreras through his Youtube channel and purchased his first book Strong Curves in January 2014 I went through the beginner intermediate and advanced programs in Strong Curves about 3 4 full times from 2014 2019 during both in gym and in homeg

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