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Jeffrey Dean Morgan the star of The Walking Dead decided to make a major change they bought a working farm in Rhinebeck New York and began a new chapter in their livesThe Rural Diaries chronicles her inspiring story of farm life chopping wood making dandelion wine building chicken coops Burton looks back at her transition from urban to country living discovering how to manage a farm while raising her son and making friends with her new neighbors She mixes charming stories of learning to raise alpacas and buying and revitalizing the town’s beloved candy. This was such a great memoir I wanted to read it because I love love love books about farms or making a big life change and moving to a uieter place Full disclosure I ve never seen One Tree Hill so my interest in this memoir was purely because of the rural aspectThere are so many great things about reading this story but the becoming a farmer aspect was my favorite Hilarie begins the story after One Tree Hill at the beginning of her relationship with Jeffrey Dean Morgan She talks of their common interests and their shared dream of starting over somewhere else I could tell that they both wanted and felt a connection to their new place in rural New York not far from New York City and I could tell they really wanted to build things and put their hands in the dirt There is so much nature in here I loved it so much There is also a lot of food and renovation Hilarie shares about projects she took on that were successful and she talks about projects that didn t turn out so well She talks about finding a small community and really digging into it and I found that I really like all of her friends She talks openly about hard things that happened in her life and she talks about the best things that have happened to her The entire memoir is threaded with friendships and parenting and all of it made my heart warm Really this was the perfect read for me during this stayathome time This was my immediately before bedtime book and I was careful to dole it out in small portions over an entire month I m here for every story like this stories where a person makes a goal and achieves it Especially when it involves home renovation gardening and animals I think that fans of Hilarie and Jeff will love this one but I was able to connect to it in a huge way even without having seen them in the shows and movies that they are famous for There is a lot of vulnerability and heart in this book and it was an immensely enjoyable and uplifting read A huge thanks to HarperOneHarperCollins and NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book for review

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Store Samuel’s Sweet Shop with raw observations on the ups and downs of marriage and her struggles with secondary infertility Burton also includes delicious recipes that can be made with fresh ingredients at home as well as home renovation and gardening tipsBurton’s charisma wide eyed attitude and fortitude both internal and physical propels this moving story of transformation and self discovery The Rural Diaries honors the values and lifestyle of small town America and offers inspiration for anyone longing to embark on their own unconventional journey. I m not sure I ve given a memoir 5 stars before save for a Michelle Obama and I don t think I ve cried reading a memoir before save for Becoming by MIchelle Obama but this one gets every point of every star Summary A real f ing marriage I am generally opposedanti to celebrity couples but this book made me glad that there s at least one celebrity couple out there living their life with acting being a job celebrity an annoying thing they deal with and sharing their humanness so others don t feel so alone

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New York Times Bestseller The beloved actress and star of One Tree Hill White Collar and Lethal Weapon Hilarie Burton Morgan tells the story of leaving Hollywood for a radically different kind of life in upstate New York with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan a celebration of community family and the value of hard work in small town AmericaWhile Hilarie Burton Morgan's hectic lifestyle as an actress in New York and Los Angeles gave her a comfortable life it did not fulfill her spiritually or emotionally After the birth of their first son she and her husband.

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    The Rural Diaries is charming and joyous a celebration of family and community and simple living Hilarie Burton an

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    Shit I laughed and cried my way through this book And it’s on my favorites list I didn’t even know who Hilarie was until I started watching Friday Nights In With The Morgan’s I mean I researched Jeffrey way back in the day when he was the dad John Winchester on Supernatural He loved dogs and animals I loved him The end Since watching the show I still didn’t recognize his wife maybe if I watch some of her stuff BU

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    I've never really been big on celebrity memoirs choosing usually to enjoy the characters they play on movies TV concert stages and various other forms of media Sometimes there is such a thing as don't ask don't tell when i

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    This was such a great memoir I wanted to read it because I love love love books about farms or making a big life change and moving to a uiete

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    This is one of my all time favorite memoirs I read this book because I loved Peyton on One Tree Hill I'm recommending it to everyone because I'm now in love with Hilarie Burton MorganShe tells her story with such honestly and this book is so damn relatable She tells her story of falling in love moving from the city to rural life building and building a life that's good for her family and for her soul Her dealing with infertility and sexua

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    A charming memoir that I’d didn’t even know was a celebrity memoir I’m a sucker for stories of rural life and this one checked all those boxes with the added surprise of being about famous people 😉

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    I’m not sure I’ve given a memoir 5 stars before save for a Michelle Obama and I don’t think I’ve cried reading a memoir before save for Becoming by MIchelle Obama but this one gets every point of every star Summary A real f—ing marriage I am generally opposedanti to “celebrity couples” but this book made me glad that there’s at least one celebrity couple out there living their life—with acting being a job celebri

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    I would now like to move to a farm

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    This homage to the simple life caught my attention in a NetGalley email Then I read chapter 1 and realized that Hilarie's mother and I both grew up in Pella Iowa Like Hilarie I have a great fondness for that litt

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    I just finished reading The Rural Diaries by Hilarie Burton and I am in awe of this woman I have been a fan of Hilarie's eve