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  • Hardcover
  • 366
  • A Ladder to the Sky
  • John Boyne
  • English
  • 21 April 2019
  • 9781984823014

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    Everyone has secrets I had remarked There’s something in all our pasts that we wouldn’t want to be revealed This book was extraordinary I can't think of a appropriate way to put it It's a story made up of fasci

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    I personally love reading books and straddling that fine line between “loving the book” and “wishing you could unhinge your jaw and a swarm of locusts fly out of your mouth to attack the book”My feelings for this book are still flashing like a flipped coin end over end—hate love hate love hate love—endlessly combining

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    Masterfully manipulative Cunning Ingenious Exceptional There are times when the sheer cleverness involved with what I’ve just read reuires time to ruminate before some semblance of coherent thought can be strung together So here I

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    It is a story that is as old as time itself common in our human history and a major source of inspiration for writers producing great literat

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    THIS BOOK WOWED ME Meet Maurice Swift whose single purpose in life is to become a famous novelist Beware Mauric

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    In the same way Vampires hunger for blood protagonist Maurice Swift hungers for stories John Boyne has created a literary Vampire Swift will trade stories for organisms He’s not wired sexually like most men He has no desire for sex with either men or women Sex is just one of his power tools to achieve his needs STORIES

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    ”I was a good looking boy and I brought him back to life I may have taken advantage of his good nature but why not? I flirted with him made sure that I remained sexually ambiguous at all times Always a possibility but never a certainty I led him on to the point where he was so overwhelmed with desire that I think there was literally nothin

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    A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne is a 2018 Hogarth Press publication “And you’ve heard the old proverb about ambition h

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    In evolutionary biology parasitism is a relationship between species where one organism the parasite lives on or in another organism the host causing it some harm and is adapted structurally to this way of life1 The entom

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    When you get ready to read a book by an author whose two previous books wound up at the top of your year end best lists and they're truly among some of the best books you've read at least in the last decade you get a little nervous whether lightning will strike thrice

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A Ladder to the Sky

Pportunity a chance encounter with celebrated novelist Erich Ackermann He uickly ingratiates himself with the powerful but desperately lonely older man teasing out of Erich a terrible long held secret about his activities during the war Perfect material for Maurice's first novel Once Maurice has had a taste of literary fame. THIS BOOK WOWED ME Meet Maurice Swift whose single purpose in life is to become a famous novelist Beware Maurice is a story thief He will steal your stories and in essence your soul Maurice will do whatever it takes to get to the top but he was one major problem standing in his way he lacks creativity While he can write his stories are boringEver the resourceful one Maurice uses his physical beauty and charm to leach onto famous writers not to learn from them but rather to steal from them Maurice is a story thief he uses people for their ideas and throws them away when he gets what he needs He sucks people s souls right out from under them draining them to the point where they have nothing left to offer the literary world It all begins in Berlin in 1980 when renowned novelist Erich Ackermann first spots Maurice working as a waiter at the Savoy Drawn to Maurice s beauty Erich lures him into becoming his assistant and believes that they have a true connection But their connection slowly crumbles as Maurice is only using Erich for a storyand what a story he steals This seems to be Maurice s first act of destruction When he is done with Erich he simply discards him and moves onto his next victim doing ANYTHING and I mean anything to get the stories that he needs Once he has achieved his first conuest he continues to take and take and take One wonders if all of his stealing will ever catch up with himTold in three parts by three different narrators along with some interludes woven in A Ladder to the Sky details Maurice s rise to the top I too was enthralled with Maurice As much as I despised him I was intrigued by him and couldn t wait to see what he was going to do to keep his status Maurice s character is brilliantly crafted it was as if I was pulled into the pages by Maurice even before I got to experience his voice which says a lot about Boyne s writing ability Boyne s writing is top notch Intricately plotted filled with sharp wit and multi dimensional complex characters I was completely riveted while reading this I found A Ladder to the Sky to be an absurdly interesting critiue on the literary world While I had a sense of how things would turn out in the end for Maurice I could not predict the lengths that he would go to keep his fame I loved every moment of this book It s not a happy story but it certainly is an alluring one that got under my skin This is by far the best book I have read in 2018 I finished it some time ago and still cannot stop thinking about it I highly highly recommend I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review


He knows he can stop at nothing in pursuit of that high Moving from the Amalfi Coast where he matches wits with Gore Vidal to Manhattan and London Maurice hones his talent for deceit and manipulation preying on the talented and vulnerable in his cold blooded climb to the top But the higher he climbs the further he has to fal. In evolutionary biology parasitism is a relationship between species where one organism the parasite lives on or in another organism the host causing it some harm and is adapted structurally to this way of life1 The entomologist E O Wilson has characterized parasites as predators that eat prey in units of less than one Wikipedia Well sometimes a host gets to be an entire feast Maurice Swift can be plenty charming and he is uite something to look at but he has issues with morality and is possessed of a very considerable and toxic ambition He wants to be a writer Not just any writer He wants to be a world famous writer winner of The Prize And he does have talent He can write The only problem is that he is a form without substance Maurice cannot for the life of him come up with any story ideas Luckily for Maurice the world is bubbling with such talents It is left to Maurice to attach himself to those who are able to concoct stories or even just recount good stories from real life and drain what he can from them before casting aside their empty husks We begin when young Maurice latches on to Erich Ackermann an aging gay writer who has lived almost his entire life bereft of romance Preying on Erich s desperation Swift slowly draws from the once top tier talent a life story of unreuited love during the days of Hitler and a heinous betrayal that has haunted Ackermann all his life John Boyne image from The Guardian by Murdo Macleod We get to see Maurice from the outside until the final part of the book his marks telling us about their dealings with him Of course things are not entirely black and white Yes Maurice is awful and he does seek to take undue advantage of those he targets but his victims do not always enter into arrangements with Maurice with blinders on The experienced among them at least know that he is not exactly a choir boy while recognizing that he could pretend to be one if they wanted him to Most see that he means to feed on them and are ok with that up to a point there being some give as well as take Also in addition to being a pretty awful specimen of humanity one redeeming feature is that Maurice feels a great desire to be a father Does this make him less sociopathic It certainly seems out of the usual range for characters of this sort And there must be a place inside us where we want Maurice to finally find his grail without having to cosh Lancelot over the head to get it Is Maurice a rake or a monster or are both merely steps on a ladder Particularly wonderful among Maurice s targets is a fictionalized Gore Vidal the one person Maurice targets who sees right through him The venom in this section is considerable and potent You might want to wear the sort of disposable rain slicker they give people in the front few rows of Blue Man Group performances lest you find some spatters on exposed skin and are taken down several notches Delicious fun when I was writing this I watched as many documentaries as I could I wanted to capture his voice and I felt that with somebody like that because he was so sharp so funny and so clever you ve really got to raise your game I felt very sure that Vidal would be the only person in the book who would see through Maurice and not be taken in by him I worked very very hard on that section and all of his lines to make sure that they sounded right that if he was still with us and if he read it he would feel that I haven t let him down from the Goodreads interviewBoyd does a wonderful job of ratcheting up tension the same result if not the kitsch of the little child running back into room where a monster was last seen to retrieve a favorite stuffy You idiot don t do it Come back We can see the perils long before his marks do and even get a pretty good idea of how Maurice is going about his crimes And we wonder just how long can this son of a bitch keep getting away with it If you find this unrealistic I would recommend for your consideration the uestion of why Donald J Trump has not seen the inside of a jail cell for his lifetime of crimality Sometimes monsters walk free regardless of what they have done Boyne author of five novels for younger readers including the wildly successful The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and eleven novels for adults including this one has been bringing and of his personal life into his books His prior novel The Heart s Invisible Furies looked at the life of a gay Irish man over the course of a lifetime In A Ladder to the Sky Boyne is looking at a millieu with which he is familiar lit life book tours writers and hangers on personalities dreams ambitions and disappointments Maurice was based on a part of that He came from an experience I had a number of years ago with an aspiring writer who sort of attached himself to me he says We formed uite a strong friendship and it developed into an unhealthy situation I was very drawn to this man I m no innocent in terms of how it all worked out We were both maybe using each other slightly The guy was aware of the fact that I d a crush on him I was just charmed to be around him It eventually reached a point where I had to confront that Not that I was interested in confronting him about it but confronting myself about why I was allowing myself to be manipulated from the Gilmartin interviewYou can enjoy this novel on two levels It is a something of a thriller watching Maurice wend his way through serial victims How far will he go what will he do to achieve his ambitions And what will he do to keep his true self hidden On another level this is a wonderful satire on writers and writerly ambition what they do to get ahead the networking light and dark that fuels success Whatever elements touch you we can certainly recognize in Maurice and in Boyne s other characters a need for recognition whether in the form of personal affection or public acclaim regardless of the profession or sexual inclinations involved A Ladder to the Sky is engaging dark and wickedly funny While the rungs on Maurice s ascent are sometimes too easily scaled he does encounter the mis step here and there You on the other hand need have no such concern Each step up will offer a wider and clearer view until you reach the top and see all A Ladder to the Sky offers a rewarding vista Enjoy the view Review posted November 16 2018Publication date November 13 2018I received this book from Penguin Random House s First To Read program in return for an honest review well at least one I wrote myself Thankfully the FTR program does not reuire one to be the first to review I noted at least 200 reviews already up by GR Friends and god knows how many by people I have used and then ditched I wrote this all myself I swear I absolutely did not scan through all those earlier reviews looking for and purloining the best ideas swear to God EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal Twitter and Instagram pagesInterviews The Irish Times John Boyne We formed a strong friendship it developed into an unhealthy situation by Sarah Gilmartin Goodreads interview John Boyne Explores the Dark Side of Literary Ambition by Catherine Elsworth Publishers Weekly Haggling for Fame PW Talks with John Boyne by Kelsey Gillespie Smith Odd bits A wiki on the many sorts of ladders there are 10 Writing Tips from John Boyne My review of The Heart s Invisible Furies

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Maurice Swift is handsome charming and hungry for success The one thing he doesn't have is talent but he's not about to let a detail like that stand in his way After all a would be writer can find stories anywhere They don't need to be his own Working as a waiter in a West Berlin hotel in 1988 Maurice engineers the perfect o. Everyone has secrets I had remarked There s something in all our pasts that we wouldn t want to be revealed This book was extraordinary I can t think of a appropriate way to put it It s a story made up of fascinating characters amusing literary criticism fantastic dialogue and moments of such terrifying desperation and horror that I sat staring wide eyed at my KindleAnd I wasn t sure about it at first to be honest Books about writers the publishing process and literary criticism are not usually my cup of tea but I fell so deeply in love with Boyne s The Heart s Invisible Furies that I wanted to give this a shot And I am so so glad that I did While A Ladder to the Sky is most definitely a character study it s seemingly uiet nature soon gives way to dark secrets and unbelievable horrors I can t stop thinking about itThe story is built up via a compelling past tense narrative that seems to foreshadow an inevitable doom Each section of the book starts fairly innocuously but through carefully crafted character dynamics something much sinister emerges In the first part of the novel aging author Erich Ackermann becomes enad with a beautiful young man and aspiring writer called Maurice Swift His obsession with Maurice leads him to naivete trusting him with ugly truths from his early life as a gay second degree mischling in Nazi Germany truths which Maurice then uses for his first novel Erich s career is destroyed when he is revealed as the inspiration behind the book while Maurice s takes offAfter a brief interlude which features a meeting between Maurice and Gore Vidal and the witty insights we would expect from him the next section reveals that Maurice is now married This part is narrated by his wife and addressed to you or Maurice an effective choice which is made even effective when we eventually discover the reason whyMaurice is one fascinating character in a sea of fascinating characters here He is an attractive man who uses his looks and careful manipulation to further his ambitions but the uestion is how far is he willing to go for a story ideaIt s really effective how the darker aspects of this story creep into what first seems like a uiet character study about art and writing Boyne explores the fine lines between first love and obsession between competition and jealousy between ambition and fanaticism and he does it all with dashes of the wit and humour I so loved in The Heart s Invisible Furies It is especially interesting how he looks at blame and who deserves to be held accountable for their actions Not just with Maurice but with Erich too Erich is such a complex character old lonely desperate carrying a terrible secret and at a glance his punishment might even seem fitting But is it Are there terrible circumstances which demand exceptions to be made Perhaps In any case it is hard to feel any satisfaction at his downfallIt s just an absolutely captivating book about people and their stories the ones they tell and the ones they don t I MUST read of Boyne s workCW antisemitism rape murder racism homophobiaBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

About the Author: John Boyne

John Boyne born 30 April 1971 in Dublin is an Irish novelistHe was educated at Trinity College Dublin and studied Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia where he won the Curtis Brown prize In 2015 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by UEAJohn Boyne is the author of ten novels for adults and five for young readers as well as a collection of short stories His novel