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Adventure series Midnight ArcadePresented with a magical game token you select one of two games you wish to play Fantastic Fist or MowTown In Fantastic Fist you fight goons and cr. Dangerous Melody (Treasure Seekers you select one of two games Devoted to Drew you wish to play Fantastic Fist or MowTown In Fantastic Fist

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Fantastic FistMowtown

Ooked cops to rescue your partner taken from you in the middle of your wedding In MowTown you mow lawns with a vengeance establishing yourself as the hot new lawncare mogul in town.

Summary Fantastic FistMowtown

Upon entering a haunted arcade in an abandoned basement storefront the reader finds themself absorbed into one of two video games in this third title in the paperback play your way.

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    It's a fun read though with a slightly limited interactive structure Midnight Arcade Fantastic FistMotown by Gabe Soria is part of a series of interactive gamebooks where the reader influences which direction the plot goes

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    Gabe Soria has found a fun way to combine gaming with reading The adventure begins when you take a subway to the end of the line and that's when things get a bit bizarre Soon you find yourself in the dark creepy basement of an arcade

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    I love the type of stories where you CHOOSE in your own way but this one's about arcade games and some video game action

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