[young adult paranormal Books] Ebook Enchanted Again BY Nancy Madore

  • Paperback
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  • Enchanted Again
  • Nancy Madore
  • English
  • 25 May 2017
  • 9780373605217

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    I was on a uest to get a couple of erotica books a few years ago This was one of the ones I picked up that looked interesting Unfortunately this was pretty much an awful book I was expecting a series of erotic stories based on fairy tales this was really not that at allEach story starts with a nursery rhyme and that is supposedly what the story is based off of which is a bituhweird There is absolutely no element of fantasy in the

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    If my resources are correct then this book fits into the literary genre of erotica instead of smutSex in these stories are conseuential result a part of the conversation and expression of person It's not sprinkled there just to get you off It's there to emphasize the characters their burdens and worries and mislead contentment Lik

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    Enchanted was I think the first explicitly erotic book I ever read I loved how the author managed to blend fairytales deeply embedded into European lore with all manner of female sexual fantasies without it turning out obscene or somehow marring fond childhood memories So naturally I was curious about the continuation of the series and went

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    Well this rating could either be because I don't even know the nursery rhymes these stories are based on and thus missed the interesting connections or because the stories were just odd There was WAY sex than in Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women But somehow the stories were less sexy If that makes any sense This

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    Blargh Lots of self hating women whining and thinking stupid thoughts and occasionally having decidedly untitillating sex When did smut get so soul suckingly boring Don't pad the stories with insipid characters a

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    Awful Complete fail The first book was good and had a greater variety of situations I didn't even finish this book Who's fantasy is it to have a murderer beat the crap out of them as foreplay That's not sexy and that is basically the whole book I honestly think that Madore and team didn't expect to write a seuel and had to settle on who knows what what fairy tales I researched and still couldn't find out what tales sh

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    Not bad but I probably would not recommend

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    What a pile of rubbish These tales were based around nursery rhymes although they were linked in the most ridiculous and far fetched ways Yes they contained some smut but how any of these situations could be described as 'fantasies' I do not know Most of the tales were about women being sexually abused secretly 'loving it

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    For the genre this was pretty dark and depressing I know nursery rhymes which these stories are based on usually have a dark twist to them but I didn’t expect them to be translated in to odd and sometimes downright creepy stories with unhappy endings I really only enjoyed two Curly Locks and Hot Cross Buns – the two with happy

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    Having not read the first book Enchanted I picked this up with the expectation that it would be naughty fairy talessomething fun and steamy at the same timeMaybe I expected the book to be light hearted than it was especially with the beautiful ethereal type coverThese tales are pulled from stories past but were a bit too creepy and dark in some parts for my taste I did like a couple of them okay but some of the fetishes were a b

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Enchanted Again

Uched and decidedly darker modern day interpretations of classic nursery rhymesMeet Dan the handyman whose toolbox is full of surprisesGeorgie Porgie no longer the boy who's content with only kissing girlsJess Blargh Lots of self hating women whining and thinking stupid thoughts and occasionally having decidedly untitillating sex When did smut get so soul suckingly boring Don t pad the stories with insipid characters and maybe they ll do something a little inspired in the sack or elsewhere

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Ica who torn between two men may be lured into the wrong webPeter whose wife's wandering eye arouses his libido As well as an interesting assortment of characters who will entertain and arouse the adult in you Not bad but I probably would not recommend

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Following the overwhelming success of Enchanted author Nancy Madore has responded to her fans' pleas for a follow up with a brilliant second collection this time comprised of superbly sensual delightfully deba Enchanted was I think the first explicitly erotic book I ever read I loved how the author managed to blend fairytales deeply embedded into European lore with all manner of female sexual fantasies without it turning out obscene or somehow marring fond childhood memories So naturally I was curious about the continuation of the series and went on to read Enchanted AgainWhile the first collection of stories did enchant me I m afraid the second one had uite the opposite effect Instead of garnering the magic that worked so well in the first book and building on it the second collection focused way too much on sueezing in familiar fairytale like characters and way too little on the magic and enchantment themselvesFirst of all the author s choice of tales to base her stories on is entirely wrong Most of them don t even come from tales of yore but rather nursery rhymes What worked so well in the first book is that you got to build upon characters that already had their own original context back story and lore For instance we all know the story of Beauty and the Beast or Snow White No matter which version you prefer you know that a righteous virginal girl named Belle somehow ended up in a cursed castle run by a beast who used to be human royalty After numerous trials and tribulations the two of them fall in love and the strength of their bond lifts the beast s enchantment Many creators took this basic formula when building upon the story in subseuent renditions Some stuck with Belle s haughty sisters others omitted them some included dancing crockery others left it out some Heaven help us even translated it into CGI and so forth and so forth The point I m trying to make is that we should never underestimate a solid template There is a reason certain stories never go out of fashion it is because they keep building on the same template over and over again building different aspects into the core narrative and adapting the story for each new generation Just think about how many different Dracula movies there have been over the past one hundred and twenty years with each new adaptation bringing something different to the core story or less successfully Therefore no matter what you do with Cinderella be it sending her to space having her fight dinosaurs or putting her in an erotic novella her core narrative and her circumstances remain or less the same making her tale one that is easy to navigate and follow even with all the extra adornationsSo compare now if you will those core narratives of the Brothers Grimm princesses or as they re commonly known today the Disney princesses with those of Humpty Dumpty or Georgie Porgie What the hell do I or your average reader know about Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty was an egg that fell Georgie Porgie a guy who kissed the girls and made them cry Desperate Dan some unkempt strong guy And that is pretty much it They lack a solid well known back story they lack motivation circumstances and defining traits bar a few perfunctory onesThe issue lies precisely in this lack of characterisation Once you decide to build upon a vague character from a vague in universe you are free to tag on to them any number of personality traits and life circumstances you want This is something that would be infinitely difficult to do to already established characters For example if someone told us Snow White was spiteful or malicious or lazy that would be fine in and of itself There are plenty of great characters out there who happen to be spiteful malicious or lazy However that character would cease to be Snow White Snow White as we know her is diligent conscientious and righteous Her core traits are well established and while a few tweaks may be possible her personality is pretty much set in stone All we can do with her is change her circumstances and how she reacts to different external forces By taking vague insipid characters such as Georgie Porgie and making them protagonists or deuteragonists of their own stories the author is pretty much at liberty to ascribe whichever traits she wants to these characters And that brings me to my second pointBy creating a whole new character and then tagging a famous nursery rhyme name to it the author has done exactly that created a new character I can sit down and create a character however I see fit and throw them in any number of made up situations and then decide that character will be Superman That however doesn t make my character Superman It just makes him an original character who occupies some fan fiction y universe nothing What worked so well in the first collection of novellas was the familiarity of not only the characters names but also their back stories and their already established personalities It was easy to believe that even within her magical world Cinderella was experiencing marital problems and had to teach her husband how to satisfy her beneath the sheets It was easy to imagine Belle adjusting herself to the Beast s umm Magnitude within the confines of an enchanted castle That s what made these stories enchanting By comparison the Desperate Dan of the author s story shares little with his famous namesake In the story Dan is just some guy who makes elaborate sex toys for the satisfaction of women That could make him any guy By taking away the magical aspect of the stories especially the well known in universes whose details are so famous they need not even be elaborated upon the author ended up with just some guys and just some girls The stories ceased to be about famous princesses having sex and became just tales of everyday people having sex Which is all well and fine but not in a collection titled EnchantedAnother issue I have with this new collection is the markedly darker bleaker tone What defined the first collection was its joy for life and joy of sexual exploration a message that should be heeded and embraced by women and men alike so nowadays than in any other period what with the Madonna whore complex and a number of other difficulties women experience in today s biased society The second collection is not nearly as joyous or empowering to read about Most stories end on very dark notes with our heroines not only failing to obtain what they want but also failing to draw any relevant conclusions from their experiences They are far too judgemental of themselves of other women of men too jaded and frankly too desperate It s one thing to pine after somebody who doesn t want you and a completely different one to trick that somebody into being with you via black magic So in conclusion the stories went from frustrated or entrapped princesses getting what they wanted through personal sexual liberation to desperate everyday women getting some sexual satisfaction which soon enough turns out to be very shallow and fleeting and then walking out the door as neither transformed characters nor empowering role models And where I ask you is the joy the playfulness the enchantment in that