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An asexual man meets a male model and slowly falls in loveChris is a nerdy bookworm with a very direct personality He tends to take jokes literally He doesn't like small talk  Chris has never been sexually attracted to anyone in real life though he can look at photos and think up exciting scenarios in his head as long as the people are all wearing clothes Porn is definitely a no go  Mark is a charismatic beautiful man with a pretty person job and pretty person problems He's very pushy  Mark is also struggling with a summer college course for business writing Luckily Chris makes a living from his writing and always falls for a sob story so he ends up helping the model with his assignment  After a chance encounter in Chris' favorite park the two men's lives slowly entangle until the pair become in. 5 StarsI ve tried to type a review for this a few times and finally realized that it s impossible So I ve decided to provide a warning incoherent ramblings ahead on this memoir romanceish book Before we commence to the ramblings I think it s important to know that this isn t a conventional romance it s a true story Please see the author s special note in the blurb More books are in the works that break down important stages of the MCs relationship with a full arc This book is strictly the beginnings of each of those stages coming together to form the Book of Beginnings Make sense FabulousChris Asexual man writer friend worrier plannerMark Model highly sexual laid back incredibly socialThese two men come together randomly in a park after Chris typical Monday run Chris is on a bench writing and Mark is a lonely man looking for a friend From their first meeting it s a whirlwind where they create their own boundaries on what it means to be friends lovers partners and eventually parents Chris and Mark come from diverse backgrounds have diverse sexual appetites opposite personalities and experience real life growing pains as they move through each stage of their relationship Book of Beginnings is written in the format of a romance novel but the situations these men face aren t romanticized The writing style is easy to breeze through but the angsty content isn t easy to read There was so much feeling involved while reading this book because I couldn t forget that these are real people with issues that aren t sugar coated Having to see the struggle Chris and Mark go through in their intimacy was gut wrenching especially from Chris POV as he tries to be all his partner needs sexually while still being very much an asexual man at his core Early on my heart was breaking for Mark as I could see the love he had for Chris but couldn t fully release his feelings Another difficult aspect of this story is the dynamic between Mark and Chris Mark s personality is larger than life and he has such a pull over Chris It may seem like Mark steamrolls and rightfully so sometimes Chris into capitulating often but Mark knows Chris and is able to nudge him out of the comfort zone he likes to exist in Mark usually has Chris best interests at heart and even though he may be resisting something a part of him seems to crave it as wellIt s a captivating read that allows us to focus on the emotional aspect of them falling in love way before physical intimacy is introduced I adore the connection they have the foundation they build and the growth each man makes toward their HEAY all I was hooked from the beginning It s a beast of a book in length but I couldn t put it down I pretended to be productive and do adult things but I was really just reading this and when I wasn t reading I was thinking about reading itWas it perfect No but it s a work in progress and the author makes that point clear multiple times As mentioned above The Book of Beginnings It s Just Us Here is written in an unconventional format needs editing has incomplete story arcs has multiple big moment time lapses and missing very important bits of their lives All of those are noted in the blurb warning Did I care Not one teeny tiny bit I went all Dr Seuss on this book and would read it in a boat with a goat in the rain on a train I m a dork sorry shrugThere were times I wanted to scream at my kindle because I just had to know what happened only for it to have a time jump This actually reminds me of a CliffsNotes version for their life story with the main parts coming out as their own books over the next yearAt the heart of this book is a story of two people meeting loving each other and then falling in love Life can be a major bitch sometimes and still Chris and Mark find a way to love on their own terms as the relationship evolves into something deeper Something real Something beautiful and imperfectly perfectI m SO frakin glad I chose to take a chance on this love story and I m looking forward to reading the first full installment This author now has a new stalker stage 10 clinger big fan Highly recommended Copy provided for honest review

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C' There are four 'super arcs' typical of romance novels spread over the ten installmentsThe Book of Beginnings contains the beginning of each of those ten installments So we're going to jump through time uite a bit These 'beginnings' total over 140000 words and the final project will be over 1000000 wordsDon't worry I will finish this story It's terribly important to me But it is huge So I will also be posting an Abridged Version which will consist of the chapters in The Book of Endings and The Book of BeginningsThis is an unfinished project but my health is prompting me to search for an audience before I'm finished If you want to be an early reader and look for typosz please get in touch You will make the completion of this story possible and free up of my energy for non typo stuff Thank you so mu. I found this book to be a very enjoyable read The well written plot flowed smoothly from page to page and the strongly written characters kept me totally engaged until the turn of the very last page This is one book that I highly recommend reading

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Separable  First Chris and Mark become friends then companions then partners then lovers and then they get engaged married and finally adopt a very amazing kidThis is their story or well I guess it's my story I'm Chris and I wrote this It's very weird to refer to myself in the third person so I'm going back to first person nowMark didn't tell me he was into guys until I was very much in love with him Anytime he got close to telling me the truth I would instinctively pull back But I never ran away completely and he kept coming after me  I guess you'll have to read the book to understand why ADVISORY I'd just like to make sure you know that this book is not the complete love story between me and my husband I've broken my story up into ten 100000 word installments Each installment follows its own 'ar. A blurb which got me all excited teary eyed swoony and energized all at once And I haven t even peaked into the book yet There s no doubt I need to read this one The above paragraph was my initial reaction when I came across this book This real life love story exceeded all of my expectations and is without a shadow of doubt the best book I ve read in 2018 Unforgettable I wish I had the skill to write with the same ease and elegance my favourite authors possess Instead they have a habit of leaving me paralysed by Reviewer Performance Anxiety Seriously if it s not already a clinical diagnosis it should be I m stuck because I want to write a review that do their fabulous books and craft justice With this book I m way way out of my league But here it goesAs a tale of romance this book is epic and unforgettable on the scale with Gone with the Wind I kid you not These guys you will never forget reading about The book is full of light heart and happy feelings Which is so counter intuitive from anything I would have expected from a self portrait which addresses serious topics and emotional scenes from real life But that is what it does through the style of writing it brings the reader so much happiness and fun describing the hilarious romantic and often embarrassing moments the two men in this book go through There is some angst a couple of good cries several ohmygodhedidntjustdothat s and a decent dose of Awww how sweet In short every ingredient that makes up a really good slow burn romance is present in this book And it is based on real people I have no idea how the author is brave enough to let readers in this close but I am grateful for it Most of the reviews so far are testaments of readers being swept off their feet by this story Gabriella has written a great detailed review I recommend anyone to read The only real danger at the end of this book is to face the battle of the who do you love Chris or Mark uestion And a serious case of book hangover

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    5 StarsI've tried to type a review

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    I loved this book and I really really wanted to make a decent review But it's impossible I'll invite you to read Gabriella's and Annob's reviews because they will make better sense than my strange rant The problem with me reviewing this book is that for the first time in my life I can't be objective Reading about Chris's journey from an as

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    NoteI bought this book on I paid for it I didn't get a free copy from the author nor did I receive any payment gifts or reward for t

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    I have absolutely no freakin idea how to rate this The beginning was wonderful It was so refreshing It was written extremely well The humour was fantastic The way Chris represents himself is uniue and complicated and compelling And I

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    “A blurb which got me all excited teary eyed swoony and energized all at once And I haven't even peaked into the book yet There's no doubt I need to read this one”The above paragraph was my initial reaction when I came across this book This real life love story exceeded all of my expectations and is without

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    That was uite interesting I've never read anything like this beforeThe writing style is perfect and very easy t

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    Did I really have that much control over him? Mark claimed—from the very beginning—that I had stormed into his life with such commanding

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    Now that Books It's just us here 1 3 and soon 4 have been published and are ready to eat you can read this draft The book of beginnings just to have an idea of what will happen in the next installments and feel anxious than before I will explain this point soon but first let me just say that It's just us here is a beautiful and intense love story with a lot of funny moments There are sad moments too like the Big fight but if Chris suffered

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    I found this book to be a very enjoyable read The well written plot flowed smoothly from page to page and the strongly written characters kept me totally engaged until the turn of the very last page This is one book that I highly recommend reading

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    I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review375 Stars for a collection of chapters that want to become a book when they're all grown upSo I'm really struggling with the rating and writing a review