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Ha and he will stop at nothing to thwart Gabel's ambitions With the SableFur on the brink of civil war Gianna's power is fragile and her time is limited Her choice will elevate one Lord Alpha to King and start a catastrophic war with the other.

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Ice and Iron The Oracle #3

Own or he will rip apart the cosmos itself Lord Alpha Aaron of IceMaw the Moon's Seneschal intends to reclaim the Luna that was stolen from him by Gabel's blasphemy Brilliant and cunning beyond measure he has sworn he will never bow to any Alp.

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The Moon has given Gianna a most uestionable reward a choice Lord Alpha Gabel of IronMoon the Moon's Dark Comet is still bound to her by a slumbering Bond Furious at the Moon for Her betrayal Gabel has sworn that he will reclaim Gianna as his.

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    This is one of those that I'd enjoyed the series enough to keep going reading through the night so I could finish and find out what happened and when I finished I wish I hadn't ever picked it up Nothing like a hea

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    Just bought this book on ca will be out September 28 2019 I am so excited to read this book

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    Just when I think all is said and done this author keeps reeling me in I can't wait for book 4

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