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SUMMARY The Story of Lizzy and Darcy

The Story of Lizzy and Darcy

When Lizzy Bennet first meets Darcy Williams there is an instant dislike between them As much as they try to avoid it their paths When I heard about this book I got really excited I ve been wanting exactly this for a while now I m not really a classics person but I do love Pride Prejudice after falling in love with the Lizzie Bennett Diaries when I was 15 So as someone who loves seeing classic stories adapted into a ueer version I saw Pride Prejudice as the perfect candidate for a modern ff even trying and failing to write an outline of one myself And low and behold this book now exists So I ll start off with changes the book has made Lizzy has just graduated University and is going to intern at a Publishing company in London While at her graduation party hosted at her house she meets two people who were invited by her mother Charlie Bingley and Darcy Williams If you re familiar with the story you know where it goes from there If not Jane Lizzy s sister and Charlie fall in love instantly And Lizzy cannot stand Darcy There are multiple character differences Starting with Lizzy the only big difference made was the mandatory one making her ueer specifically a lesbian Darcy is a woman obviously and she is biracial and bisexual Instead of having a sister named Georgiana she has a brother named Jordan As for the other characters Charlie is a poc and an only child so no Caroline In the Bennet family Kitty doesn t exist and Lydia and Mary are twin brothers Sander and Mark Mark is also aroace And when we later meet Colonel Fitwilliam simply Will in this narrative we find out he is a trans guy As for the story itself I think it was adapted well enough to the point where it stands on its own At a point there s a meta joke where Darcy and Lizzy are at the British Library and see Jane Austen s manuscript of First Impressions to those unaware that was the working title for Pride Prejudice Lizzy and Darcy also had great chemistry and I loved seeing their interactions One change I really liked was Darcy s letter to Lizzy around the middle of the novel is instead a conversation in person As the characters depicting Georgiana and Lydia are male the author uses that to explore abusive friendships which made warming up to changing their genders a lot easier If you are a fan of Pride Prejudice and like me having me wanting this to exist I highly recommend picking it up It is uite a long book and recommend it even if you haven t read the original work Also posted on my blog


Keep crossing and they each start to see a different side to the other Their tentative friendship is soon tested but will they r This is a great debut novelI remember reading this book way back in high school when I hated everything that even looked like a book so I only remembered the major story lines Reading this however brought it all back I find it really difficult to rate this book As much as I tried seeing it simply as a standalone novel I kept comparing it to the original so here goes nothingFirst off I thought the author really captured the original Darcy s character I remember thinking what a pompous prick this person was and the same was true in this version As for Lizzie though I don t remember her being such a martyr and constantly blaming herself for everything that goes wrong in her familyWhat really surprised me in a good way in this version were the added topics of being a lesbian bisexual asexual aromantic and even trans you name it and this book has it Though these topics were not a large part of the story it was nice to see them even being mentioned and they did not distract at all from the major story lineIf there is one point of critiue I have it s that I would have liked to see interaction between Lizzie and Darcy Towards the end of the book there was just so much drama going on with Lizzie s brother that it really distracted from their story Overall the author did a great job turning a classic piece of English literature into a modern day ff retelling of a story that has millions of fans If you never read the original Pride and Prejudice give this version a try

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Ealise how they really feelThe Story of Lizzy and Darcy is a modern day same sex adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudic Very cute adaptation of Jane Austin s book through the LGBT community

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    When I heard about this book I got really excited I've been wanting exactly this for a while now I'm not really a classics person but I do lo

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    Admittedly I haven't read Pride and Prejudice since I was in high school which means I might as well have never read it That said t

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    Ignore the awful cover and the lame title and the weak cover copy And when you get that far ignore the mediocre copy editing I know that's a lot

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    I will be the first to admit I have never read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I know I know how have I gotten this far in life without this reading this classic book What I have read is The Story of Lizzy an

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    This is a great debut novelI remember reading this book way back in high school when I hated everything that even looked like a book so I only remembered the major story lines Reading this however brought it all b

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    45 stars Incredible amazing showstopping never before seen fluffy angsty beautifully written a This gave me the same fluffy feels that Red White and Royal Blue Loved this ff adaptation of Pride and Prejudice one of my favorite classics ever yes I'm basic what about it These girls are both fully realized characters we get to see their hopes and dreams and personalities and most of all them dating and going from dislike to friend

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    This is an absolutely adorable and well done ueer modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice that wins a lot of diversity bingo Our dear Lizzy is an out and proud lesbian Darcy a mix raced bisexual woman The secondary characters feature a trans and an ace character So Lizzy just finished university and has her inter

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    Okay for this book is hard for me to review because for the first 200 pages I loved it I thought it was a smart and interesting retelling of PP that managed to translate the age old story into good modern terms But then it started to lose itself Some of the things I loved Lizzy She's such a great character Sisters Jane and Lizzy So important The way the Bennet family as a whole was translated Jane and her gap years Sander and his dramatics

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    Very cute adaptation of Jane Austin's book through the LGBT community

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    This was a rewriting of Pride and Prejudice as a modern gay romanceI thought it was pretty well done I liked how she updated the characters Instead of being just rich the rich people were business people and the sisters were mostly turned into brothersThere was a paragraph toward that end that seemed over the top and the

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