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In a transnational social space With attention to issues such as registration of marriage civil versus religious marriage spousal roles and rights polygamy parenting child wellbeing and everyday security the authors offer national and comparative case studies of Muslim families from different parts of the world covering different family bonds and relations within both extended and nuclear familiesBased on empirical research in the Nordic region and further

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Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families

This book examines the needs aspirations strategies and challenges of transnational Muslim migrants in Europe with regard to family practices such as marriage divorce and parenting Critically re conceptualizing 'wellbeing' and unpacking its multiple dimensions in the context of Muslim families it investigates how migrants make sense of and draw on different norms laws and regimes of knowledge as they navigate different aspects of family relations and life

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Afield this volume affords a complete understanding of the practices of transnational migrant families as well as the processes through which family relations and rights are negotiated between family members and with state institutions and laws whilst contributing to the growing literature on migrant wellbeing As such it will appeal to scholars of sociology and social policy with interests in migration and transnational communities wellbeing and the famil