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On the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration an enigmatic billionaire from foreign shores takes up residence in the architectural jewel of “the Gardens” a cloistered community in New York’s Greenwich Village The neighborhood is a bubble within a bubble and the residents are immediately intrigued by the eccentric newcomer and his family Along with his improbable name untraceable accent and unmistakable whiff of danger Nero Golden has brought along his three adult sons agoraphobic alcoholic Petya a brilliant recluse with a tortured mind; Apu th I ll huff and I ll puff and I ll blow your house down Kim Jong Un Vladimir Putin Donald Trump The Big Bad WolfSighSalman Salman SalmanWe need to talkI revere you Mr Rushdie Not only do you put me in mind of a wise apothecarist straight from a Scheherezade tale but for three decades I ve solidly sung your praises And your Booker winning epic Midnight s Children is the one novel I d take with me if I were banished to a desert island I sincerely hope that this punishment isn t meted out Mr Rushdie but I can assure you that the aforementioned book would be the exact one I d take Why am I talking to him Is he even reading this And yet despite my enduring faith in the mastery of your storytelling you ve dulled the shine of my veneration by writing Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights and now this Another sighLess of a structured novel and a rambling stream of Rushdie s consciousness this amorphous solilouy is rammed to the rafters with a farrago of all that ails and delights one of our greatest living authors about our modern world Nero Golden a mysterious tycoon with a sketchy past voluntarily exiles his family from BombayMumbai and moves to a voluminous mansion in affluent Manhattan Nero has aged like a fine wine he s as perspicacious as he is formidable and speaks several languages His story is told by a neighbour Ren Underlinden an amateur filmmaker who makes a mockumentary of the Golden family s expat life in Obama s AmericaNow I was told from an early age that one should never discuss politics or religion but Salman clearly didn t listen to his mum because he attacks these social taboos with an unashamed gusto mischievously drawing parallels between bible belt bigots and Muslim extremists And yes despite being one of our most eminent writers he s as fond of a stereotype as an Irishman is fond of a Guinness And if you re a Trump supporter as half of America appear to be please please don t read this book Rushdie really has it in for the man Donald is likened to The Joker Hillary is portrayed as Batgirl He is of course free to write whatever he wants but regardless of my own feelings towards America s forty fifth president I m not convinced that the immersive otherworld of a fictional novel is really the appropriate place to air such views Anyway back to the story Nero s cosy new life in his adoptive home is turned on its head by Vasila Arsenyeva a long limbed gold digging Siberian bombshell who is as silent and as haughty as a cat and whose inner self has been consumed uite literally by Baba Yoga the child eating witch There ensues an allegorical tale warning of the pitfalls that await each of the world s most powerful narcissists Nero s predictive name of course giving us something of a clue as to his destinyI must confess that getting through this novel was a war of attrition at times but I m still not giving up on one of my very favourite authors the great man s authorial impishness and his artifice can still be seen glowing in the embers of his writing Sir Salman mate it s not too late for you to rise again from the ashes Come on over to my place for a t te t te We share an interest in magical realism Marvel comics arthouse movies and dwatted wabbits We could fix this slump in form over a nice pot of tea perhaps even a naked wrestle in front of a roaring fire like Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in Women in Love if that s to your likingOn reflection we d best stick with the tea35 stars

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Ted in their uarrels their infidelities and indeed their crimes Meanwhile like a bad joke a certain comic book villain embarks upon a crass presidential run that turns New York upside downSet against the strange and exuberant backdrop of current American culture and politics The Golden House also marks Salman Rushdie’s triumphant and exciting return to realism The result is a modern epic of love and terrorism loss and reinvention a powerful timely story told with the daring and panache that make Salman Rushdie a force of light in our dark new ag In Midnight s Children Rushdie diabolizes Indira Gandhi in the form of The Widow one of his most terrifying caricatures green and black the Widow s hair and clutching hand and children mmff and little balls and one by one and torn in half and little balls go flying green black her hand is green her nails are black as black Some years later in The Satanic Verses he tried something similar by turning Britain s Prime Minister into Mrs Torture Now no longer plain old Rushdie but an ennobled Sir Salman he has Donald J Trump in his sights reimagined in The Golden House as the Joker come to exploit an America stupid from superhero moviesThe origins of the Joker were disputed the man himself seemed to enjoy allowing contradictory versions to fight for air space but on one fact everyone passionate supporters and bitter antagonists was agreed he was utterly and certifiably insane What was astonishing what made this an election year like no other was that people backed him because he was insane not in spite of it What would have disualified any other candidate made him his followers hero Sikh taxi drivers and rodeo cowboys rabid alt right blondes and black brain surgeons agreed we love his craziness no miluetoast euphemisms from him he shoots straight from the hip says whatever he fucking wants to say robs whatever bank he s in the mood to rob kills whoever he feels like killing he s our guyThe Joker is a background presence in this book and only gets talked about in the final third the main focus is on the immigrant vulgarian Nero Golden who is himself a Trumpian analogue with the same speech patterns putative wealth and need to put his name on everything from hot dogs to for profit universities The growth of Nero s empire in the US and its effect on his three sons forms the narrative arc of the novel as observed by our narrator the Belgian American filmmaker Ren Several problems The main one is that the story is not especially engaging for the most part we just plod along hearing little snippets of soap opera gossip from each son in turn related to us in a strangely distant elegiac tone that strips away any immediacy from the prose One longs for a hint of that exuberance that marked Rushdie s writing in the 80s and early 90s Narrator Ren compares himself to Isherwood at some point I am a camera and comments Maybe I m a smart camera I record but I m not exactly passive But despite his involvement in the plot he is passive and I didn t care about a single person he described The writing is terribly pedestrian for someone who has written the kind of things Rushdie has written While Indira Gandhi s India and Thatcher s Britain were explored from within experientially Trump s America is simply pointed at like a news report and said to be awfulAlong the way there are some game efforts to examine the key concerns of twenty first century America the youngest Golden son for instance feels uncomfortable as a man and is encouraged to transition to a different gender I thought at first that this might be an interesting exploration building on a fleeting reference to India s hijra tradition but the results are disappointing he meets a sticky end and his social justice girlfriend comes to the conclusion that identity politics are all a big mistake after all I am not unsympathetic to that view but here it just felt a lot like the thoughts of a seventy year old author than a twentysomething arts curator Ian McEwan also touched on this subject in Nutshell but the difference is that McEwan s prose was pure fireworksOccasionally there are outright blunders This could have come from Dan BrownIn the game of chess the move known as the ueen s Gambit is almost never used because it gives up the most powerful piece on the board for the sake of a risky positional advantage Only the true grandmasters would attempt so daring a maneuver the laying down of the ueen to kill the kingThe ueen s gambit involves putting a pawn on the fourth rank during the opening and has nothing to do with sacrificing the ueen as a pieceTo be sure when Rushdie is talking about things that I think he cares about primarily the 2016 US election and the 2008 Mumbai attacks the energy picks up a bit the sentences become breathless and pacy and you start to take notice I loved for example his heartfelt reflection of how people coped with the dazed sense of reality after Trump was electedHow does one live amongst one s fellow countrymen and countrywomen when you don t know which of them is numbered amongst the sixty million plus who brought the horror to power when you can t tell who should be counted among the ninety million plus who shrugged and stayed home or when your fellow Americans tell you that knowing things is litist and they hate lites and all you have ever had is your mind and you were brought up to believe in the loveliness of knowledge not that knowledge is power nonsense but knowledge is beauty and then all of that education art music film becomes a reason for being loathed and the creature out of Spiritus Mundi rises up and slouches toward Washington DC to be bornPerhaps it is worth reading the book for the paragraphs like this that crop up in its final sections But I wish he had just written an article about Trump and not tried to buttress it up with all the architecture of a novel filled with characters I never had much interest in Nor I suspect did he In the future I think it may be interesting to look back on The Golden House as an example of how great writers reacted to Trump s win as it was happening but perhaps there isn t enough distance yet to really treat the subject with the full artistic arsenal that it demands In this case it s of a gilded failure than the twenty four carat success I was crossing my fingers for

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E flamboyant artist sexually and spiritually omnivorous famous on twenty blocks; and D at twenty two the baby of the family harboring an explosive secret even from himself There is no mother no wife; at least not until Vasilisa a sleek Russian expat snags the septuagenarian Nero becoming the ueen to his king a ueen in want of an heirOur guide to the Goldens’ world is their neighbor René an ambitious young filmmaker Researching a movie about the Goldens he ingratiates himself into their household Seduced by their mystiue he is inevitably implica Not sure why but I am finished Not entirely unlike trying to maintain with the lights on a pinball machineI m grumpy when I m disappointed At one point I stopped to check other reviews Maybe I picked up the wrong book The one that I was looking forward to The one with the rave reviews is waiting for meNope not for me Fortunately the library wants it back

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    45 stars Salman Rushdie’s 13th novel The Golden House plays out as a Shakespearean drama re imagined in the eyes of a postmodernist and set in the Obama era of ultra riche Manhattan There how’s that for an elev

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    “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down” —Kim Jong Un—Vladimir Putin—Donald Trump—The Big Bad WolfSighSalman Salman SalmanWe need to talkI revere you Mr Rushdie Not only do you put me in mind of a wise apothecarist straight from a Scheherezade tale but for three decades I’ve solidly sung your praises And your Booker winning epic Midnight’s Children is the one novel I’d t

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    Searching for the right words to describe this book Rushdie's 13th and my very first foray into his oeuvre the best thing I can come up with is hot mess Overblown bombastic in parts melodramatic most of the way through mind numbingly boring in others pinged with moments of social satire and brillianceI'm such a rule follower I received the ARC of this book from Netgalley and felt a duty to finish this book and write this review h

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    45 Stars “The Golden House” was my first book from Salman Rushdie his thirteenth novel to date It begins 20 January 2

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    Not sure why but I am finished Not entirely unlike trying to maintain with the lights on a pinball machineI’m grumpy when I’m dis

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    Originally appeared here The world has turned into a cacophony of unrelenting voices where people in high offices as well as pedestrian consorts battle every day to be one up The lines have blurred as issues have

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    In Midnight's Children Rushdie diabolizes Indira Gandhi in the form of The Widow one of his most terrifying caricatures ‘green and black the Widow’s hair and clutching hand and children mmff and little balls and one by one and torn in half and little balls go flying green black her hand is green her nails are black as black’ S

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    Once upon a time a great man fled from his native country a land embattled by infighting and death and came to a country filled with dreams of a future of hope and promise Ah yes an apt description of Salman Rushdie and his primary character in The Golden House Nero Golden As I read through this verbose tale of the egotistical Golden I real

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    This is a book of stories and identity; actual created and retold as tales to others It uestions what we think about as truth especially when it comes to ourselves and others; what is said hidden implied or lied

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    This is a masterful literary achievement and a great lens on contemporary American culture from the perspective