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    This slim volume is a vivid account of Schweitzer's impressions and experiences during his first period in Euatorial Africa modern Gabon written with the help of the reports which I wrote every six months in Lambarene and sent as printed letters to my friends and supporters The book describes the challenges Schweitzer face

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    Am currently reading Albert Schweitzer's collection of contemporary reports from his time as a missionary doctor in what at the time was the French colony of Euatorial Africa now Gabon from 1912 to 1917 The reports are grouped together in the book On the Edge of the Primeval ForestAs well as providing insights into tropical disease and medicine the book later on gives scope for Schweitzer's developing thoughts on the n

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    Of late I have continuously been coming across books on and by Schweizer so I gave up and read one While the language is dated this text of the

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    Der Einblick in eine andere Zeit wie auch die Beschreibung des Umlandes von Lambarene war für mich sehr faszinierend Anders als zunächst gedacht war auch die Sprache sehr angenehm zu lesen

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    I picked up this English edition after a futile and abortive attempt on a poorly translated Chinese editionDr Schweitzer's narrative of his experience and impression is straight forward and to the point I have read from somewhere that people had criticized Schweitzer for his patronization toward the African natives However I don't sense it from this writing I find him giving the uestion of relieving the natives a deep thought and trying to

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    Etonnant Je ne connaissais pour ainsi dire rien d'Albert Schweitzer il a ouvert un hôpital en Afriue pour soigner

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    The author of this memoir Albert Schwitzer was a doctor musician and religious philosophical writer from Alcase Lorraine part of the German empire at his birth in 1875 and after WWI part of France This book is about the building and running of a hospital in west Africa in Lambarene later GabonAlthough this book is colored by European opinions of Africans his humanity in setting up and treating people where there was no previous serious ho

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    Albert Schweitzer was a doctor at a Christian missionary station in what is now Gabon during the First World War He was also a theologian philosopher and organist His book is about the daily life of a missionary

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    This was the second book which I read about Albert Schweitzer and was given to me by my uncle who was a surgeon As a young boy it inspired me to want to be a doctor in Africa also sadly I was not clever enough to be a doctor The writ

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The Primeval Forest

R's own fascinating story of these eventful years a thrilling tale of his amazingly successful attempt to practice modern medicine and surgery in the face of wild elephant raids marauding leopards famine an flood a story rich in human interest and high dramaSchweitzer describes how he and his wife a ualified nurse worked to establish a hospital in the steaming jungle at Lambaréné At firs DNF

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There in this sorry world of ours goes a great man Albert Einstein on Albert SchweitzerIn July of 1913 thirty eight year old medical doctor Albert Schweitzer gave up his position as a respected professor at the University of Strasbourg and celebrated authority on music and philosophy in order to go as a physician to French Euatorial Africa present day Gabon The Primeval Forest is Schweitze Of late I have continuously been coming across books on and by Schweizer so I gave up and read one While the language is dated this text of the experience of setting up his hospital is valuable Faith in action and a life in the service of others

characters The Primeval Forest

T they treated patients in the open air amid unbelievably primitive conditions with few drugs medicines or adeuate instruments But they worked tirelessly caring for as many as forty cases a day battling the misery caused by sleeping sickness leprosy pestilence and plague And as the years went on they gradually built a permanent hospital to alleviate the terrible suffering of the Congo peop Etonnant Je ne connaissais pour ainsi dire rien d Albert Schweitzer il a ouvert un h pital en Afriue pour soigner des malades il a re u le prix Nobel Je d couvre u il a eu une autre vie avant l Afriueorganiste hors pair et tr s influent autorit sur Bach docteur en th ologie pasteur protestant u il a pris la r solution de devenir m decin pour partir fonder son h pital en Afriue uel destin eMais aussi uelle d ception de le voir succomber aussi rapidement une forme certes assez b nigne de racisme ordinaire Les primitifs comme il l crit sont paresseux voleurs demandeurs d autorit S il per oit et regrette tous les torts caus s par le colonialisme le d s uilibre u il am ne dans les pays u il domine la perte de la culture africaine u il induit Schweitzer n en tire pas les conclusions ui nous semblent oui je sais presue un si cle plus tard s imposer Il pense encore apporter les lumi res de la civilisation des populations ue les blancs contribuent d truireUne vie toute enti re consacr e aider les populations africaines et une myopie profonde face l occupation occidentaleA comparer utilement avec le Voyage au Congo d Andr Gide ui lui per oit et comprend tout alors u il r alise un simple voyage d agr ment Finalement un r cit un peu froid sans motion peu empathiueOui tonnant

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Albert Schweitzer MD OM was an Alsatian theologian musician philosopher and physician He was born in Kaisersberg in Alsace Lorraine a Germanophone region which the German Empire returned to France after World War I Schweitzer challenged both the secular view of historical Jesus current at his time and the traditional Christian view depicting a Jesus who expected the imminent end of the