Archiving Digital Photographs on Linux ( epub ) by Paul Bradley

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Like the majority of people I had little interest in ensuring that my digital photo collection was sufficiently archived That was until one day I noticed a photograph from my wedding album had become corrupted due to digital bit rot I needed to develop a process which would ensure the family photos would be preserved and remain accessible for future generations Now that I have young children preserving these memor. Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose young children preserving these memor.

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Archiving Digital Photographs on Linux

Ies has taken on even importanceThis book outlines a process which will help you organize your ever growing photo collection and ensures that the images are securely stored for future generations You'll look at the merits of using cloud backup solutions compare the ongoing costs against using local storage solutions You'll learn how to use a collection of Linux command line utilities to help manage and protect you.

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R digital photo albumsYou'll learn how to use HASHDEEP a utility which audits your files and can be used to automate the detection of file degradation due to bit rot PHOTOREC is a utility which can help you recover deleted photos from your cameras SD card There is also a small section on using Dropbox's new image compression technology LEPTON which will help you save disk space for large collections of JPEG images.

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