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    The beauty of this collection of essays begins from the very start as the editors set the scene of making the final edits to the volume Sitting on the porch of Mi Casita Aldo Leopold's New Mexico cabin looking e

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    The intersection of people and nature has been from my earliest memories something of great profundity to me From the very first essay this collection pulls you into the complicated than you think relationship between people and wild I loved

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Whether referring to a place a nonhuman animal or plant or a state of mind wild indicates autonomy and agency a will to be a uniue expression of life Yet two contrasting ideas about wild nature permeate contemporary discussions either that nature is most wild in the absence of a defiling human presence or that nature is completely humanized and nothing is truly wild This book charts a different path Exploring how people can become attuned to the wild community of life and also contribute to the well being of the wild places in which we live work and play Wildness brings together esteemed authors from a variety of landscapes cultures and backgrounds to share their stories about the inter.



Industrial sites from microcosms to bioregions and atmospheres manifestations of wildness are everywhere With this book we gain insight into what wildness is and could be as well as how it might be recovered in our lives and with it how we might unearth a profound wilder understanding of what it means to be human Wildness Relations of People and Place is published in association with the Center for Humans and Nature an organization that brings together some of the brightest minds to explore and promote human responsibilities to each other and the whole community of life Visit the Center for Humans and Nature's  Wildness website for upcoming events and a series of related short films.

READ ê SABLEYES.CO.UK Å Gavin van Horn

Dependence of everyday human lifeways and wildness As they show far from being an all or nothing proposition wildness exists in variations and degrees that range from cultivated soils to multigenerational forests to sunflowers pushing through cracks in a city alley Spanning diverse geographies these essays celebrate the continuum of wildness revealing the many ways in which human communities can nurture adapt to and thrive alongside their wild nonhuman kin From the contoured lands of Wisconsin’s Driftless region to remote Alaska from the amazing adaptations of animals and plants living in the concrete jungle to indigenous lands and harvest ceremonies from backyards to reclaimed urban.