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CHARACTERS The Buddha Tarot

Cal description of the soul's journey to enlightenment beginning with the naive Fool and culminating in the universal consciousness represented by the World card The Buddha Tarot includes a 79 card Tarot deck designed and created by artist Robert M Place acclaimed for his distinctive style and artwork with r.

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The Buddha Tarot

The combination of Buddhism and Tarot might seem strange at first but the underlying archetypal pattern reveals stunning similarities The story in the Tarot's major arcana parallels the story of Siddhartha's journey to enlightenment This seuence of twenty two cards has been interpreted by many as an allegori.

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Eligious and sacred themes Also included is a booklet exploring the parallels between the Tarot and Buddhism the life of Buddha and interpretations for each card Perfect for divination meditation and unlocking one's inner wisdom The Buddha Tarot awaits you as a gentle guide on your journey toward enlightenme.

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