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Et too close but he’s the only man who’s ever made me feel alive   Meeting Jackson Steele was a shock to my senses Confident and commanding he could take charge of any room or any woman And Jackson wanted me The mere sight of him took my breath away and his touch made me break all my rules     Our bond was immediate our passion untamed I wanted to surrender completely to his ki When I saw that J Kenner was writing a spin off from her Stark Trilogy I did an inner happy dance I loved all things Damien Stark with his lovely Nikki What could be better Well how about Jackson Steele and Damien s personal assistant Sylvia BrooksDamien has acuired an island he d like to develop into a high end familycouples resort Sylvia is first in line for the chance to project manage the development But when the architect suddenly pulls out of the deal she s left scrambling to find a replacement before the investors catch wind of the fallout Who better than Jackson Steele Unfortunately five years ago they had a passionate few day love affair ending with her walking awaywith her making Jackson PROMISE to not come back for her Jackson kept that promise but both have harbored long term pain and feelings good and bad since the departure When Jackson refuses to speak or even meet Sylvia for a meeting to discuss the potential contract for the island development Sylvia ups her game She will get his okay on the deal even if it means agreeing to go back with himsomething she knows is NOT in her best interest emotionally But physically he s an itch she craves to scratch Look at me Sylvia Because I m not going to say this again I told you once that I m a man who goes after what he wants and I want you in my bed I want to feel you naked and hot beneath me I want to hear you cry out when you come and it want to know that I am the man who took you there Jackson and Sylvia struggle with trust Jackson doesn t know why she forced him to walk away after there three days of sexual bliss What starts out as a scheme for him to lure her back into his clutches for him give her a taste of her own medicine uickly becomes fuzzy Revenge turns to lustpassionand empathy for a woman clearly fighting her own demons How did he not see this beforeSylvia wears the scars her armour on her skin With every emotional scar comes a new tattoo Each has meaning each she draws strength from to fight the nightmaresthe demon that stalks her sleep When Jackson witnesses her nightmares he s determined to find out why she runs What s she running from He wants to be her saviorher protector Will she let him inI m thankful Sylvia chose to open up to Jackson early on and not play mind games with him Her scars run deep and she chose to trust him versus making him play the guessing game Only confiding in her best friend Jackson knows just how to extricate the fears that lurk within her psyche She wants control She needs it But she also needs trust and to let him take the reigns for hergiving her faith in him and in their relationship Say My Name packed a pretty hot sexual punch We re gifted with a dominate hero and a scarred but fairly tough heroine The book ends in a fairly happy for now place but there s definitely uestions out there that need to be answered Damien Stark and Jackson Steele have history Damien isn t convinced Jackson doesn t have something corrupt up his sleeve where this island development is concerned Is his fear warranted Does Jackson have ulterior motives Will Sylvia fight the good fight and stay with Jackson when all her inner voices tell her to flee I guess we ll find out Advanced readers copy received by Random House Bantam Dell Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews follow us at

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Ss but I couldn’t risk his knowing the truth about my past Yet Jackson carried secrets too and in our desire we found our escape pushing our boundaries as far as they could go   Learning to trust is never easy In my mind I knew I should run But in my heart I never felt a fire this strong and it could either save me or scorch me forever   Say My Name is intended for mature audiences Series Crossover Because I hate it when I start a crossover series and can t for the life of me remember who the character is based on the name alone Sylvia Brooks is Damien Stark s assistant that we meet in the prior series Sylvia wanted to move up from her role as Damien s assistant and had the perfect chance The Island resort Her project Her baby Something she wanted at all costs But she soon learns the price of getting what she wants when a man from her past is thrust back into her life and ends up being exactly what she needs the most in than just one wayJackson Steele has made a name for himself as an architect his buildings are famous and his ability is celebrated by the masses and is exactly what Stark needs in order to create the perfect resort But Jackson isn t willing to say yes to Damien or his assistant Sylvia just yet He wants than just the project He wants what was taken from him five years ago and he s not willing to walk away this timeAs J Kenner slowly reveals the story in Say My Name a few things are clear Jackson Steele is a man who likes his control and one that doesn t give up easily As for Sylvia her past has dictated her future and until she truly learns to trust control is something that she just can t give up But when she is face to face with the one man that she let in she can t deny that it isn t just about the project when it comes to Jackson it s about the desire and the attraction A man that has her willing to push herself But with the need for control also comes the need to trust and there are plenty of things that make Jackson appear to be less than trust worthy The way the author sprinkles in the little clues along the way has you wondering the who what whys of the whole story You can t help yourself but doubt everyone s intentions but still hold on to faith that our hero isn t about to let us downI really enjoyed this story and love that although it had some similarities to the Stark Trilogy Jackson and Sylvia really stood on their own With these characters getting their own trilogy I was worried about that dreaded cliffy end but felt like we were left at a place that won t devastate the readers which I greatly appreciated I am a fan of the writing style of Ms Kenner I loved the prior books in both her romance series and this one is shaping up to be no different I look forward to seeing where she takes these two characters and just how things will play out as truths are revealed I also loved seeing a little glimpse of Damian and Nikki again which is always a good thing For those fans who like The Crossfire and FSOG series J Kenner is an author you need to read

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New York Times bestselling author J Kenner kicks off a smoking hot emotionally compelling new trilogy that returns to the world of her beloved Stark novels Release Me Claim Me and Complete Me Say My Name features Jackson Steele a strong willed man who goes after what he wants and Sylvia Brooks a disciplined woman who’s hard to get and exactly who Jackson needs   I never let anyone g 35 Sensuality and Sin Power and seduction stars Make me feel Make me feel everything Sylvia Brooks has to turn to the one man she vowed to never see again after leaving him with a unforgivable promise she hopes and prays that her body mind and heart has forgotten the effects of Jackson SteeleJackson Steele can either shut the door in her face and never look back or finally take what he knew from the very start as his Sylvia is exactly the woman he wants and needs under him and he will have her again Time and distance haven t lessened the desire any than hurt and anger have But lust rides them hard and soon they must come face to face with the truths of their past and hope it doesn t leave them burned I want to take you to the edge and back I want to watch you lose control I want to make you come And princessI want to make you scream Say My Name is an enticing erotic read of a second chance at love and life An unconventional deal wrapped up in secrets Trust doesn t come easy especially when demons are constantly haunting your mind But when fear and isolation proves to not help sometimes you need a dark knight to slay your demons on kiss at a time While Say My Name focuses on their past and their new beginning there is to there is to their story as the plot continues on Now that they have found their second chance is it strong enough to withstand the incoming storm Recommended to my friends who love a good second chance romance mix dominant males and twists and turns Copy kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the version of the book I received and may differ from published edition

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    Title Say My NameSeries Stark International #1Author J KennerRelease date April 7 2015Rating 4 starsCliffhanger YesHEAview spoilerHFN hide spoiler

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    A reminder that circumstances and the world can be controlled no matter how futile and lost some moments might feel”Say My Name is t

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    35 Sensuality and Sin Power and seduction stars Make me feel Make me feel everything” Sylvia Brooks has to turn to the on

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    When I saw that J Kenner was writing a spin off from her Stark Trilogy I did an inner happy dance I loved all things Damien Stark with his lovely Nikki What could be better Well how about Jackson Steele and Damien's personal assistant Sylvia BrooksDamien has acuired an island he'd like to develop into a high end familycouples resort Sylvia is first in line for the chance to project manage the development But when the arc

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Say my name has officially brought me back together with J Kenner And I'm very happy about itSay my name was kind of a last book chance for me Her Stark Trilogy was one of the first books I've read in Belgium and I absolutely adore Damien and Nikki together After that she published her Most Wanted series that I ended not liking at allWith Say my name I was a little anxious but I couldn't

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    4 stars She did it again J Kenner just delivered another man to swoon overI really really liked the Stark trilogy I loved Damien and Nikki's story When I learned that J Kenner was writing another series related to

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    Series Crossover Because I hate it when I start a crossover series and can’t for the life of me remember who the character

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    35 4 starsSay My Name is another hit from the talented J Kenner She manages to reel readers in with her wonderful writing and keep them captured with her fulfilling plots and steamy encounters

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    3 You think you're the one in control Think again StarsThere is no doubt that Julie Kenner can write damaged brooding controlling alpha males with a certain something that makes the women they desire fall hook hand cuff and blind fold for th

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    J KENNER SAY MY NAME • Book #1 in the new Stark International Trilogy • Release Date 7 April 2015• Book #2 On My Knees will be out 23 June 2015• Book #3 Under My Skin will be out 25 August 2015 You haven't read any of the Stark Books yet oOIt's not really neccessary but why wouldn't you want to read all those amaaaaazing books ☺ but you should read Play My Game before starting with this book because