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Plea of Insanity

Husband and father The victims his own family The plea not guilty by reason of insani. I became a well educated reader after finishing this story There were two plots one about Julie s brother who murdered her family years ago and the other where she was co council in order to prosecute a man accused of murdering his entire family including the children Julia is tormented and obsessed with both matters It definitely was a book that pulled you in and kept you there Was the doctor insane or wasn t he I did not like the ending of that trial and what ultimately happened to Julia It left me feeling depressed It must have been well written though because it got to me

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The prosecutor Julia Valenciano Young and ambitious and facing a case that could cata. For whatever reason and I can t put my finger on why exactly this story didn t do it for me While the trial of a prominent surgeon who allegedly murders his wife and three small children certainly had some interesting aspects the author really missed the boat on a twist that could have saved the entire book view spoiler David s twin Darren committed suicide conveniently when he was alone with David I half expected the author to allude to Darren switching places with David as Darren was the one who was popular intelligent and was being treated for schizophrenia hide spoiler

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Pult her career The defendant David Maruette A successful Miami attorney and devoted. Hmmm How to describe this one The lead cast of charactersAssistant District Attorney Was a victim of violence as a child has a schizophrenic brother that was connected to the violence Is sleeping withDistrict Attorney Who assigns her to a high profile case though she s never done one beforeDefendent A man accused of murder He is either a schizophrenic or a psychopath with very rich parentsDetective Investigating the murder is interested in the ADAThe whole book is a giant mindgame about who is believable and who will win I wasn t happy with the ending as I feel that the ADA was left wounded than she was at the beginning My preference would have been to have her go through hell as a cathartic experience and have her come out stronger at the endWould be interested to see if others felt the same way

About the Author: Jilliane Hoffman

Jilliane P Hoffman began her professional career as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting felonies in Florida from 1992 to 1996 with special assignments to the Domestic Violence and the Legal Extradition Units Originally from Long Island she currently lives in South Florida with her husband and two children

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    This was a really boring book It had a great premise but nothing of interest happened with it Every time I thought it would pick up it didn't I felt robbed with the ending as there really wasn't one To read through the slow boring book you would at least hope for some conclusion How she ended it was a joke And her heroine annoyin

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    There is a trend in genre fiction of the flawed hero a protagonist with a drinking problem two dead children three ex wives four drug convictions five ex girlfriends etc the idea being I guess that the personal struggles of the detectivemain character add something to the book besides bulk Personally I often find these

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    For whatever reason and I can't put my finger on why exactly this story didn't do it for me While the trial of

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    Plea of Insanity by Jilliane Hoffman is a 2014 Thomas Mercer publication This book was originally published back in 2008 and althou

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    some fear madness some choose it julia is a young prosecutor who has been chosen to be second chair at a murder trial he this is no ordinary murder trial if there is such a thing david maruette a renowned doctor is accused of butchering his own wife and 3 children after being wounded himself he makes his plea not guilty by reason of insanit

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    Hmmm How to describe this one? The lead cast of charactersAssistant District Attorney Was a victim of violence as

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    In this book from 2009 Assistant State Attorney Julia Vacanti is chosen as 2nd chair in a highly public murder trial A medical doctor viciously murdered his wife and 3 young children and deliberately wounded himself to throw off suspicion That didn't work for one second Defended by a high priced attorney the doctor pleads insanity

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    A late night read that succeeded in one thing only putting me to sleep This book did not work for me; from the start we find out that the young female prosecutor has not earned second chair in a high profile murder case rather she ha

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    I became a well educated reader after finishing this story There were two plots one about Julie's brother who m

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    For an example as to why people not licensed in mental health should not write books with mental health as the main topic please read this train wreck of a bookFirst of all the Schizophrenic defendant was being ad

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